Su-Like Character in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG game that adopts a more anime-type art style, making it popular in the anime community. The game was released in 2020, and since then, it has been one of the most popular Gacha games in history, even winning many awards.

However, the game is not entirely pay-to-win, as anyone can beat the content with different tactics and team-building, making it very free-to-play. It has been on the receiving end of some controversy in the past, but we are now past that, and Mihoyo’s efforts are often seen when they fix or listen to their player base.

As it is a top-rated game, it’s also expected to have dedicated data miners and leakers who provide information as soon as they find it. Recently, there was a leak about the new Dendro character in Genshin, which contained his model picture.

Genshin Impact new character
Leaked model of Su-Like character.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to find wrong information, and there’s only a handful of leakers we can trust; one such is Ubatcha, who has always leaked characters, banners, fixes, and changes way before anyone else, and with almost perfect accuracy. He told the community that while the model picture was correct, his leaked name was, in fact, wrong, and it has not been revealed yet.

Lucky for us, we now have the name, and Ubatcha confirmed it, but there might be a catch.

It looks like his name is Al-Haitham or Al-Haytham, both of which are pronounced the same in Arabic, but this doesn’t mean that it will be final because Mihoyo might change the spelling, which will completely change the pronunciation.

Nonetheless, this character holds great importance as he is rumored to be a 5-Star Dendro character, and no, we won’t see him anytime soon. According to Ubatcha, he will likely not be playable even in patch 3.0. Since he is a male character, he will be a great addition as only about 15 out of 50 are male in Genshin, and most of the leaked ones are also females.

Al-Haytham will be from Sumeru; his name is already a giveaway. Moreover, as he will be a dendro character, it will be something new because the dendro element is the only one we still don’t have.

It doesn’t mean he will be the first dendro, but he will be one of the first 5-stars and add a lot of value to the game mechanics. If you did not know, Genshin Impact’s unique combat system often relies on elemental reactions.

A good example is hydro + pyro = vaporization, and electro + cryo = superconduct. Each reaction has its unique properties, and adding dendro means that we will have more reactions between these elements, and Al-Haytham is likely to define the new meta only if the element turns out as good as we think.

While we still do not know about his kit, 5-star characters are always adding significant value to your team, and Mihoyo would never disappoint us with 5-stars; if they do, they can buff him (like they did with Zhongli, Geo Element).

Anyways, that’s all from us; let us know your thoughts on Al-Haytham and his element dendro below!