Genshin’s 3.0 Livestream Surrounded by Controversy

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular gacha games that almost every gamer has heard of in the past few years. After its launch in 2020, it quickly rose and generated immense revenue. But it is also the game that controversies have often surrounded.

miHoYo’s Past Controversies

Many players had issues regarding the pity system of the game. While miHoYo had improved that over time, fans had enough when it was the first anniversary. The expectations were that the players would receive great rewards for the game’s success in the past year, but the ridiculously small rewards caused an uproar.

Although miHoYo never really “made up” with the fan base, the situation dimmed after a while. Some players supported miHoYo, saying other games have even worse gacha systems. But aside from the controversy, miHoYo also struggles with keeping the leaks to the minimum. Almost all the content is leaked before release; the same happened with the 3.0 patch.

The live stream for patch 3.0 went live today, and all of the content had previously been confirmed by the leakers, making it a no surprise for many players. miHoYo tackled the issues of the leaks by quickly bringing out the content, so the rumors became confirmed by none other than miHoYo.

It is generally a weird way, but it works for miHoYo. However, when they brought out the Harbinger Reveal Trailer and teased the contents of Sumeru, players started having high expectations, which is natural.

After the live stream, many were disappointed, not for the content coming up but for how their live streams have downgraded. But before diving into that, we should discuss the content revealed in Genshin Impact’s Special Program for patch 3.0.

Everything Revealed in 3.0 Livestream

Many things were revealed, some related to the upcoming characters, the upcoming banners, enemies, and most importantly, the new region “Sumeru.” Let us discuss each of them.

New Redeem Codes

  1. 8ANCKTWYVRD5 – 100 Primogems and ten Mystic Enhancement Ore
  2. EA7VKTFHU9VR – 100 Primogems and five Hero’s Wit
  3. KT7DKSFGCRWD – 100 Primogems and 50,000 Mora

If you read this within the first 24 hours after the live stream, you can use these codes to get the rewards mentioned above. It may not be much, but every wish counts!

Updated Schedule for Upcoming Patches

Genshin 3.0
The Updated Schedule for Upcoming Patches.

One of the most significant updates is the new schedule. Instead of having a new major update every six weeks, we will get it every five weeks. Although they did not mention how it would impact the duration of the banners, they will likely be shortened by a few days.

Upcoming Banners and Weapons

Tighnari Zhongli
1st Phase Banners from Patch 3.0.

The first phase will contain 2 of the new characters, both dendro bow users. However, besides Zhongli, the other two don’t hold as much value since Tighnari is said to be added to the standard banner once the phase ends.

As for Collei, she will be rewarded for free in an event during patch 3.0. However, it is still unclear whether newer players can have her once they reach a certain level. It makes sense that they do because they have given each element one free character. Aside from dendro travelers, some newbies may not have access to any other dendro characters if they don’t get lucky.

Tighnari’s signature weapon, Hunter’s Path, will also be available in a limited weapon banner throughout phase 1.

Ganyu Kokomi
2nd Phase Banners from Patch 3.0.

Surprisingly, this banner has more value as we can see Ganyu, Kokomi, and the new character Dori. If Dori’s leaks are still good, all three characters are viable and can be an excellent addition to new team compositions.

The weapon banner, however, will not be as good. We will get Amos Bow and the Vortex Vanquisher during phase 2. The new weapon “End of the Line” will also be obtainable through fishing. Not to mention, the new five craftable weapons will also be available.

Main Story Quests and Events

There will be two new chapters of the Archon Story: Truth Amongst the Pages of Purana

  • Chapter 1: Through Mists of Smoke and Forest Dark.
  • Chapter 2: The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings.

Furthermore, a story quest will also be available for the new 5-star character Tighnari: Vulpes Zerda Chapter – Act 1

Graven Innocence
The Events for Patch 3.0.

The Main event will be called Graven Innocence. Here are the event’s features:

  • It will consist of World Exploration and Story Quest.
  • Collei and Serenitea Pot furnishing will be given as a reward during the event.
  • Collei and Acara Crafts members will be the event’s central characters.
  • It will be further divided into four parts: Snapshots, Challenges, Racing, and Reactions.

As the names suggest, these will allow the player to participate in different activities and interact with many characters to familiarize themselves with the region. Don’t forget that you get a lot of rewards as this will be the main event.

The next event is Lost Riches; it will return with the new moss Seelie, along with other previous colors. So, be sure to get your favorite Seelie!

Next in line is Fayz Trials, where the characters will battle against waves of powerful enemies, with some exciting additional mechanics to make it more engaging.

Lastly, we will also get Tablet Analytics and Ley Line Overflow. These will help you get the resources to level up your characters, weapons, and talents.

That concludes most of the essential things. Other than that, some bosses were shown, which we have discussed before, and we will also get some quality of life changes, which will be explained later by them with extensive details.

Some Players are Still Not Happy with Genshin Impact Live Streams

The players are happy with the content they are getting. Sumeru is the upcoming region, and everything about it is looking exciting. We would love more information regarding the lore and maybe the Harbingers, but we can expect that later once Scaramouche comes in 3.2.

According to the players, the quality of the live streams and their concern for the fan base have shown almost no effort. We saw it in the previous live stream when it kept lagging, and certain parts got skipped or overlapped. It was a cluster of bugs and glitches, which fans were not happy with.

Considering how big the game is now, people expect to see some professional quality, which has been absent. Moreover, there were also concerns over the lack of Sumeru teasers and showing the discussions between different developers throughout the live stream.

They can show those things in a separate video, similar to how they talked about Dragonspine’s environment.

Nonetheless, Genshin Impact has yet another thing coming with these uproars. They have successfully held them off by distracting the players with incredible characters. So maybe the same will happen this time.

On the good side, some people liked this pattern of developers talking about their content creation process. Still, we can only wait and see how the community behaves and how Genshin responds.

In the meantime, let us know your favorite part about the live stream. Are you just as excited as us for Sumeru? Let us know below!

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