Gotham Knights May Be Capped To 30 Fps 4K on Consoles

Gotham Knights is a highly anticipated role-playing game developed by the capable minds at WB Games. An open-world thriller, take charge of Gotham’s varying districts in solo or co-op fashion by seizing criminal activity along the way.

A Future Without Batman

The game aims to capture a world devoid of the presence of Batman, the once-cardinal superhero. That lays the responsibility of saving Gotham on the game’s allies entirely.

Gotham Knights Allies Showcase
Gotham Knights Allies

The squad, in the form of Batgirl, Nightwing, Redhood, and Robin, aims to protect Gotham with the ever-increasing crime rate and underground factions. Releasing in a week, fans eagerly await a go at the new concept by WB Games.

Things To Focus On

  • WB Games’ Gotham Knights aim to set itself apart with a storyline inspired post-Batman.
  • The game may be locked to 30 fps in its 4k resolution mode regardless of its fast-paced action title.
  • Further fan footage does not provide a good outlook on the game’s impressions.

Worrying News For The Game’s Framerate

Despite fans’ high expectations and anticipation following up on the game’s release in a week, many may be in for a shocker. After all, like most hyped games, not all launches are smooth sailing.

Gotham Knights Resetera User experience
Resetera User On Gotham Knights

Resetera User Axecidentally, a popular game tester on the forum, has just broken wind regarding the game’s performance before launch. Thanks to said user, the news spotted by TopTierList thanks to the user confirms the worst nightmares of the series’ long-time fanbase.

It appears that fans will be treated to a rather disappointing 30 fps cap for the 4K mode of the game rather than the smooth 60 fps experience that has come to be expected from most titles.

The disappointment grows with the news that there is very little graphical tuning. The thread on resetera, entirely based on the 30 fps rumors before this confirmation, has naturally seen an onslaught of disappointed fans of the series.

The Fan’s Take On The News

A crosspost on Reddit by user angyoni has resulted in a much-needed conversation regarding the game’s supposed decision.

Gotham Knights 60 fps potentially deconfirmed, locked 30 from GamingLeaksAndRumours


The comment section, safe to say, is ablaze with fans who are now skeptical of the game’s previously pent-up hype nearing launch. After all, with the match being next-gen only, one would at least expect 60 fps as a baseline, to begin with.

To further add salt to the wounds, a Twitter user has posted some gameplay clips about this issue.

Twitter user Cyael showcases some rather concerning footage regarding Gotham Knights and its performance during fight scenes. The level of gameplay being showcased is comical, with the sarcasm in the caption summarizing the state of affairs for the game.

Takeaways From The Video

The decision to run at 4k resolution but 30 fps makes little sense. This, coupled with the extremely laggy gameplay that we have just witnessed, is enough to even cast doubt on whether the game is even consistently averaging 30 fps or not.

Interestingly enough, the graphics look like a downgrade to Arkham Knight, which only adds to the disappointment. One relies on stable, high frame rates with fast-paced combat, so excluding Gotham Knights seems like a very big blunder. 

Concluding Remarks

Whether WB Games manages to bring a patch that improves the choppiness and increases framerate remains to be seen. One thing is for sure. The general public will be highly disappointed if the game is launched in its current state.

How highly do you place framerates for your gaming experience? What other improvements would you like aside from the framerates included in a patch shortly? Let us know down below.

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