Gotham Knights Review: Problems Beyond its 30 fps Console Cap

Gotham Knights has dominated the gaming communities because of its release in the coming hours. But, many critics have already put the nail in its coffin with many negative and poor reviews.

Warner Brothers Games put their heart and soul into the earlier Batman title, Batman Arkham Knight. That title was a phenomenal superhero game, getting a near-perfect score n both steam and IMDB. 

However, it seems like WB has let themselves go with their new Gotham Knights title. Despite being hyped up, it is reported to be one of the worst DC superhero games WB has ever released.

You have likely heard about the 30 fps cap it holds on consoles. But that is not all that the game lacks. In this next section, we will look at why Gotham Knights is one of the worst Superhero titles.

Basic Visual Makeup

We at TopTierList found a video by the user @oliemack, which beautifully lists the major problems with WB’s Gotham Knights. I will only be discussing some of the crucial elements of his review. However, for a full taste of why this game is mediocre at best, I suggest you watch his video.

Firstly, I will assume you know how bad Gotham Knights is when it comes to optimization. The game barely gives 30 fps on consoles and features robotic mechanics with little attention to detail in the overall game physics.

With that in mind, it is also important to note that this game has very bland visuals for a next-gen game in an outdoor environment. Gotham Knights is quite expensive in performance, yet it seems like games that use far less perform immensely better with the same quality of graphics.

An example of poor character detail is highlighted in the following screenshot.

Gotham Knights Screenshot for poor character details
Frame at 1:40 in Oliemack’s Video

In the short gameplay clips that have come out recently, you can clearly see that it is average graphics with little to no attention towards the aesthetic feel of the game. The indoors, however, have great asset details, but ultimately, the game fails to capture the grimy feel of Gotham City when compared to older depictions.

The Gist of it All

  • Warner Brothers Gaming’s latest title, Gotham Knights, is on quite the hotplate with poor critic reviews.
  • Despite being a next-gen title with next-gen requirements, it is capped at 30 fps.
  • Aside from the fps limit, the game has revealed itself to be riddled with serious performance and quality issues.

Last Gen over New Gen

As the author suggests, much of the judgment made on Gotham Knights is based on the last-gen title, Arkham Knights. If you look at both open-world story games, Arkham Knights performed extremely better than this new-gen title.

It has some moments in which the game is likable, but the overall Gist of it is disappointing. The game severely underperforms, having a mediocre story at best. 

Aside from the story, let’s touch back on the graphics a little as well. As Oliemack shows in his video, the ocean detail when comparing the two games is night and day. Arkham Knights had beautiful geometric proportioned waves that flowed with the wind. No such spark can be seen in the light waves in Gotham Knights.

Another example is the attention to detail of Gotham City. The difference between the two games is quite evident from the screenshot below.

Gotham Comparison in Arkham and Gotham
Gotham City Comparison

Performance Issues

The last issue that we are going to take a look at is a pretty massive one. While the game does focus on getting 30 fps, it does fail at times. In Oliemack’s video, you can see the horrible framerate drops that the game has quite regularly.

Gotham Knights FPS Stats
FPS drop stats

According to Oliemack, this is quite a displeasing sight which I can understand as a gamer. Nothing is infuriating than seeing a AAA title perform poorly despite having all the next-gen resources.

While the screenshot measures for Xbox, a test is done in Oliemack’s video for the PS5 as well. Unfortunately, both of these consoles performed similarly to one another. According to his tests, you are likely to see a lot of fps drops during fast traversal outdoors. As for the interiors, they seem to perform relatively well, with nowhere near as many drops.

Ending Note

I can’t say I had too much fun writing this one as a fan of these titles. However, I was reminded of how great a game Arkham Knights still is despite being released seven years ago. Additionally, I would highly recommend you watch Oliemack’s entire video if you want to know more about what is wrong with this game.

Finally, as always, let me know what you think about Gotham Knights down below. Furthermore, if there is anything else you wish to add, feel free to do so, and take care, fellow gamers.