Mod Turns God of War Ragnarok Photo Mode Into Free Mode

A titan of the industry, the release of the much-awaited AAA title God of War Ragnarok has seen it skyrocket to high standings from a sales as well as review perspective. The game has garnered immense recognition amongst the fanbase and has seen it jostling for the spot of the game of the year award.

Like the release of every mainstream title, players turn to explore various exploits and easter eggs in hopes of unlocking more potential from the game. Ragnarok has been under that very spotlight thanks to the modding community, who have managed to bring a new take to exploring the game. 

Salient Features

  • God of War Ragnarok has been one of the most anticipated AAA titles to be released.
  • It is on course to snatch the game of the year award, going head to head with Elden ring.
  • A potential exploit or mod allows players to view the map unlike ever before.

Twitter user @Speclizer_, a notable modder in the gaming community, managed to find a way of enabling a free look mode for the camera in-game.

The development, brought to you by TopTierList, showcases an apparent mod or exploit which alters the field of view of the in-built photo mode camera. In doing so, one can seemingly shift to a free camera mode which appears to have little to no limits in terms of the distance traveled.

It’s unclear just how this was achieved. It seems to be either some form of glitch by altering the photo mode camera settings in a certain manner or by adding additional lines of code to an existing file within the game files. One can only hope to receive more information regarding this in the days to come.

Being a very environment-centric game, with the setting playing a major role in shaping the aura of the gameplay, it would be of great utility for players to be able to experience iconic areas such as Midgard from a more top-down and eye-opening perspective, admiring the development intricacies of the game. 

Aside from a scenic perspective, the ability to seamlessly float across the map in detail would allow for a much more easier location of potential easter eggs. The exploration aspect can also be linked to the storyline and the ability to scout possible locations beforehand.

What are your thoughts regarding this newly explored prospect? Do you see yourself using the free camera mode regularly if it is to be implemented officially? Could this aid in the storyline or perhaps finding easter eggs? Let us know down below.

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