Insider Says Campaign AI for Halo Infinite Forge in Preflight Build

Though it was confirmed to come eventually, its nice to hear it made its way in preflight build after the recent events.

Halo Infinite has seen some rough times, especially after the recent Microsoft layoffs, resulting in the loss of many great talents in 343i. As many as 95 people were laid off, and it caused a lot of concern for the Halo franchise. However, we can rest assured a bit as our team at TopTierList found a tweet from Insider Rebs Gaming revealing that the Campaign AI for Halo Infinite Forge is now in preflight builds.

It was hinted at by Michael Schorr a few weeks ago that they are “working on the best way to bring campaign AI into Forge.” If you don’t know, Michael is a Forge Lead Designer at 343 Industries; therefore, his word is very credible.

But he didn’t confirm it properly and said nothing about the preflight builds. Rebs Gaming has a great following in the Halo community and has many insider sources. He has now delivered the great news of some progress for Halo Infinite Forge. Perhaps now gamers can enjoy Firefight mode and other AI-driven missions.

Major Points

  • According to an insider, Campaign AI for Halo Infinite Forge is now in preflight builds.
  • It seems like Halo Infinite is not entirely done, which was a concern for many after a recent survey.
  • Campaign AI can unlock many opportunities for PvE content and much more.

At the end of 2022, Forge was finally introduced to Halo Infinite, which is now in the Beta phase. Forge alone offers a gateway to much more content and has made many Halo fans hopeful for the revival of the Halo franchise.

Though we can’t say much about how it will prove itself, we can confidently say it is very much possible, especially with the recent statement that Campaign AI is now in preflight builds for Halo Infinite Forge.

The Campaign AI was somewhat confirmed recently by a Forge Lead Designer, Michael Schorr, who replied to a tweet about Halo‘s situation and its dire need to have PvE content for survival. Initially, he said, “On it!” but when asked about Firefight mode, he replied, “Nothing confirmed but we are already on record as working on the best way to bring campaign AI into Forge.

If you don’t know what Campaign AI will offer, it’ll be an AI system in Forge mode and will allow players to add AI-driven missions and/or enemies to Forge. It is a perfect solution for PvE content and quests, and it’s something Halo fans would love.

If you have been following Halo, you may know the many talented Forgers present in the community, who have made not only different maps but also so many exciting modes that were thought impossible. Access to an AI system would be a great advantage for these Forgers and other casual gamers who may want to try some things out for fun.

However, the hype for new content in Halo Infinite died as soon as it rose. After the many layoffs at 343i and the recent survey by Xbox asking whether people are done with Halo Infinite, it looked like the game would never get the things it deserves.

We can now finally say that perhaps good things are coming for the game, and the new Campaign AI will be one of them. Rebs Gaming followed up his tweet with, “My source was correct in the past, which is why I shared this. If proven incorrect, I will make an update.” So far, he has not updated that, so it seems likely to be true.

Firefight mode is one of the many things Halo fans are excited to try out with the Campaign AI. Although it is still in preflight builds, it is a step forward from what we knew before. Since Rebs Gaming has an insider source on this news, he might further update us on how soon we might see it in the actual game.

In addition, we expect Season 03: Echoes Within to come in March to Halo Infinite. It should also open more content for players as they wait for new additions to Forge.

That is all for now! What do you think about the Campaign AI in Halo Infinite Forge? Do you think it will be the thing that the game is desperately in need of? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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