Halo Infinite Forge leaked Gameplay

Everyone knows that any Halo game must have a dedicated Halo Forge mode. With near-endless customization at your fingertips, we have long been able to create our own custom Halo experiences using the editing tools made available to us by developer 343 Industries in-game.

343 Industries has already confirmed that Halo Infinite Forge Mode is also on its way, and by the looks of things, players will be stuck for choice when piecing together their unique new-gen Halo experience. Allowing players more control over the minutiae of their experience than ever before.

The weapon combining glitch is back from Halo 5 in Halo infinite Forge as a feature, and this time it’s scriptable. A video of the Halo Infinite forge has emerged online, explaining the weapon combining feature that allows you to create new weapon abilities.

Footage showed us various combinations of the weapons; some were BR+skewer, Plasma Pistol+Disruptor, Heatwave+Hydra, and a prototype gravity gun made from Halo Infinite forge scripting that can be used to pick up the objects and can be put down.

Halo Infinite Forge mode will release with Season 3 sometime in 2022. Given Season 2 started in May, it’s likely Season 3 will kick off in late summer – possibly around August.

Little is known about the Halo Infinite Forge mode, with 343 remaining tight-lipped on the features it’ll include. 343 has already greatly expanded the Forge capabilities of the games boasting the mode in the Halo Master Chief Collection since its launch, so some of those features may well carry over into the new-gen experience.

If you are unfamiliar with the Forge mode: Forge is a game mode initially released in Halo 3 designed to allow players to customize, save and share maps for custom games.

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