Concept Arts Reveal First Ever Look at a Hi-Fi Rush Character

The great minds behind Fallout and The Elder Scrolls have been cooking something behind the scenes. Although they would have liked to keep such information hidden, frequent trademarks filed by ZeniMax Media, Bethesda’s parent company, have revealed some information for us to go on.

Hi-Fi Rush has been in the rumors for quite some time, and luckily, we have some Concept Arts that reveal not only cool character designs but also the nature of the game. Our team at TopTierList found these in a Reddit post, along with details on the artist.

Might be our first look at Hi-Fi Rush from LeaksAndRumors

Major Points

  • Hi-Fi Rush is most likely to be a Sci-Fi Shooter Game.
  • If we take the artist’s word literally, there might even be a demo in production.
  • The character comes with different accessories, hinting at some level of customization.

The Reddit post by LongJonSilver reveals concept art from Jamie Martin, who has an impressive portfolio with some of the most popular video game companies. This time, he showed these designs focused on a character from the Hi-Fi Rush.

HiFi Rush Game
Hi-Fi Rush Character Design.

It is unclear whether this is the main character or one of the significant side characters from the game. Due to the scarcity of information on the game, we don’t know if it will be story-driven or introduce something unique. For now, we can only assume this is the early character design from Hi-Fi Rush and is essential.

Hi-Fi Rush Main Character
Hi-Fi Rush Character Holding a Weapon.

The character can be seen holding a weapon here, along with a high-tech helmet of some sort. The game’s color scheme looks pretty orange, but it compliments the design well, so we are not complaining.

Hi-Fi Rush Character Design
Character Design With Various Helmets.
Hi-Fi Character Backpacks
Character Design With Various Backs.

The above concept arts hint toward potential customization in the game. But take this part with a grain of salt, as anything is possible here due to the theme being Sci-Fi. The first image shows various helmets/goggles; they can be entirely different or just variants of the same helmet but with different modes.

The second image shows different back designs, and the first two may be merely the devices that either open up to/or attach the backpacks below. It is easy to see that the game is likely a Sci-Fi shooter game, but the text from the designer further solidifies the claim. The concept arts come with his statement, “Concept design for a Sci-Fi character, from an unreleased shooter game demo.

Another interesting thing to note here is the use of the word “demo,” which might mean that these concept arts are the stepping stones for the prototype/demo of the game. Although it is unclear when we will get some official information on the game, it seems like work is being done on this project behind the scenes, so it is only a matter of time.

What do you think about the concept art? Do you think the game will be inspired by existing Sc-Fi concepts? Or will it take a new approach? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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