Hogwarts Legacy: DLC/Extras Offered with Initial Game Purchases

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the latest games by Warner Bros interactive entertainment, the amount of nostalgia we can experience from it because we all grew up watching Harry Potter movies. It was revealed in 2020, and this year has given us essential info about the game from Portkey Games.

Fans are hyped for this new game, and one of the Reddit users found a list of DLC/extras from the source code of the Hogwarts Legacy website home page. The list consists of:

  • Thestral Mount

  • Dark Arts Cosmetic Pack

  • Dark Arts Battle Arena

  • Dark Arts Garrison Hat

  • 72 Hours Early Access to the Game

  • Kelpie Robe

  • Steel Case

  • Floating Ancient Magic Wand with Book

Floating Ancient Magic Wand with Book indicates that it is a physical item, and WB offered physical things with other games recently; Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga included a Lego mini-figure with the physical Deluxe Edition, and they are offering multiple physical objects with the upcoming Gotham Knights game’s Collector’s Edition.

The steel case might be a Best Buy exclusive based on WB’s two most recent titles. Back 4 Blood offers a steel book with any edition purchased at any time from Best Buy, but The Skywalker Saga’s steel book was a Best Buy preorder exclusive, so this wouldn’t seem to be a stretch.

Thestral Mount, Kelpie Robe, and Dark Arts Cosmetic Pack might be a digital exclusive or a preorder bonus. Kelpie Robe and Thestral Mount is a digital-exclusive item, similar to The Skywalker Saga, offering an Obi-Wan Kenobi playable character as a “digital game purchase exclusive” with both editions.

This is quite exciting, and if you want to verify this, visit the Hogwarts Legacy home page at hogwartslegacy. com, and then view the HTML source of the web page by pressing CtrlUOr by adding view-source: before the https:// in the address bar) and then search for any of the items in the list, and you’ll see they are embedded in the source.

It can only be created or modified by someone who maintains the website (e.g., a WB or Avalanche employee). So far, everything looks great, and if they execute this properly, fans will love it for sure imagine using Thestral Mount, a digital exclusive that only you can see, so will you buy these deluxe versions.

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