People Have Already Started Streaming Hogwarts Legacy

These streams have leaked some of the early content, including customization features and map details.

People always find ways to leak their favorite games, even if it means getting the ban hammer. Something similar is happening with Hogwarts Legacy, as our team at TopTierList found several streamers playing the game. These streams will eventually be taken down, and some of our links might not work by the time you read this.

They have successfully leaked some customizing features in the game, along with the map and much more in-game content. Though many would consider this to be unpleasant as it means story spoilers will also be on a high even before the game releases. It happened with God of War Ragnarok and is now happening again.

Different game, but a similar situation; the people who are publicly streaming in-game content from Hogwarts Legacy have already leaked some important features. Although they will likely be banned by the time they reach a significant point in the story, we can expect a surge in gameplay/story leaks of Hogwarts Legacy starting today.

Wand customization – Wizzard Game from GamingLeaksAndRumours

Major Points

  • Many people have started streaming Hogwarts Legacy on Twitch.
  • Some have already been banned, but not before leaking several features.
  • Lucky for some people, only the early game content is leaked, but some streamers may slip through and reveal the end-game spoilers.

One of the most popular yet controversial titles of 2023 is undoubtedly Hogwarts Legacy. Even with a notorious reputation in some big communities, the game comfortably enjoys a Top Seller rank on Steam. The game is doing very impressive even before its release.

As such, many people have grown impatient for the game and cannot wait to play it for themselves. On the other hand, some got very early access to the game and started streaming the in-game content on Twitch.

Even though many have already been banned, the leaks are already out like wildfire, and it is only a matter of time before we see some of the more serious ones that can ruin your first time playing the game.

Some of the lighter leaks include how the wand customization works, but there are clips of different quests and even the whole map. However, it is hard to understand the map since you must unlock a major part of it as you play.

Harry Potter Game
Hogwarts Legacy.

Unfortunately, we cannot post the images/videos directly, as some of you may not like spoilers. But you can check them out from different YouTubers, including RedaSkateboard or Junius. You might even catch some streamers still streaming the game if you have the right timing. 

One of the currently longest-running streams we found is from gzuz1909, who has streamed for well over one-and-a-half hours at the time of writing this. But it is unlikely he will continue to stream for much longer, as we saw before how people do not appreciate story leaks of such popular games.

Since we would love to keep this spoiler-free, this is where we end it. If you have seen the leaks already, is there anything you particularly look forward to? If not, what kind of things do you expect to see in the game? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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