Hogwarts Legacy Trailer Amasses 1.6m+ Views In Just a Day

The game seems to be doing exceptionally well despite the massive controversy.

Hogwarts Legacy has been a topic of much controversy in the past month or so. Despite many people cancelling their orders and attempting to boycott it, the game seems to be doing exceptionally well. Aside from massive success with pre-orders, our team at TopTierList noticed that the Official Cinematic Trailer had gained over 1.6m views in just a single day.

It is not surprising as the Harry Potter franchise has a massive fan following, and it is their love for it that they have held on to the game despite the recent debate. For those unfamiliar, many gamers have attempted to cancel or boycott the game due to the author J.K. Rowling’s controversial comments on the transgender community.

These gamers have even taken their stance to Twitter and urged others to cancel their orders, as supporting the game means supporting the franchise’s author. Even though many notable people have also commented on how such a connection here is irrational, the situation has surely heated up in recent weeks.

Major Points

  • Hogwarts Legacy Official Cinematic Trailer has gained over 1.6m views in just a day.
  • The number is surprising for many since the game has been subjected to much controversy in the past month.
  • It still makes sense considering the game is already a Best-Selling Game on Steam.

You may already know everything about the Harry Potter franchise, as it is very popular and part of everyone’s childhood. If you are part of the community, then you also know how sometimes J.K. Rowling’s comments get a bit weird, and some cause quite a commotion.

The most recent one was even worse, as all kinds of people started hating the upcoming game Hogwarts Legacy and attempted to cancel it. Some even commented that people who purchase the game are the same as the author.

Though we can say, these attempts were futile, as the game is comfortably enjoying the top rank out of any game in pre-orders. Despite the fact that many people cancelled their orders, it is the Best-Selling Game on Steam. But the massive reach of the trailer and the immense support has proven that the game is everyone’s favourite.

The situation is certainly weird and heated up since the topic of controversy is very sensitive. But at the same time, it is also true that going as far as calling someone else a transphobe or antisemite for purchasing a game they love is just as awful.

People like Steven commented on the situation, telling how it is important for us to separate the art from the artist, especially because people consider J.K. Rowling to be much more involved with this project than she actually is.

In the end, the trailer showed even better things to look forward to, and once the game is released, the situation will likely dim down as we expect the game to be a possible contender for Game of the Year in 2023. It is a big statement, but the game has shown its potential, and we would be fools if we ignored that.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, we highly encourage you to do so because it has almost everything a Harry Potter fan would love. It foreshadows a lot of content, mysterious and exciting characters, easter eggs, great voice acting, and most importantly, the classic Harry Potter theme at the end.

That will be all for now. What are your thoughts after seeing the trailer for Hogwarts Legacy? Do you think the game will be successful after release despite the controversy? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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