Unseen Game Footage Leaked By Hytale Dev

Hytale is a very in-depth roleplaying game, that also provides an immersive experience through its generated world, teetering towers, and dungeons that give many rewards. It is specifically designed for players to let out their creative selves, while also enjoying the key elements of an amazing game. The Game’s engine supports block-by-block castle construction and even scripted/customized powerful tools.

The game had received huge attention upon its announcement, gaining around 40 million views in just a month, and the trailer is currently standing at almost 60 million views. Despite the attention, the game has received many delays since it was announced almost 4 years ago, back in 2018.

However, ever since Riot has bought Hypixel Studios, the game is expected to have more investment, and if you look at the updates, the game development is going smoothly with little to no doubt about how it might turn out. Just recently, a developer at Hypixel Studios posted a video with some unseen footage of the game. He added the caption

“We are doing some really cool stuff with VFX in Hytale – if bold, stylized effects like these are your passion, please take a look at our job posting for a Sr. VFX Artist”

Hytale game
Andy Zibits’ post on LinkedIn.

They are still hiring experienced VFX Artists, and it is possible that the video was uploaded to give a general idea of what we can expect from the VFX. Nonetheless, the game is still getting huge attention due to updates like these, and with something of this scale, we might expect a follow-up update when their hiring is done.

However, if this was indeed a mistake by the dev, then the video might be deleted very soon, but worry not, because we have you covered. You can view the video here.

Hytale is made by the same developers from Minecraft Hypixel Server, so the game has many elements from there, and also includes its own RPG elements, including the mobs and biomes.

It began its production back in 2015 and received additional funding after Riot acquired them. As the updates are going, the state of the game looks promising and we might see its release in the upcoming year.

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