LinkedIn Profile Clarifies IceFrog’s Involvement In Neon Prime

Valve’s upcoming title, also known as Neon Prime, has been in development for quite some time. Although the rumors surfaced only a while ago, the game has been in development longer than we think. So far, not much official information has been given regarding the game, so we can only rely on the words of insiders.

According to an insider, the game is ‘likely‘ a DOTA-adjacent Sci-Fi game made by IceFrog. It takes place in other dimensions, similar to Continuum or Moons of Ultoria. However, it is not an FPS and is unrelated to Valve’s other similar games.

We can’t fully confirm other details, but our team at TopTierList found an exciting detail on one of the Dota 2 Artists’ LinkedIn profile. His profile, under Valve corporation, says he has been working as an Artist on an Unannounced title for a year. So far, all the indications point towards that title being Neon Prime.

Neon Prime Dota 2 Spin-Off
LinkedIn Profile Shows Unannounced Title (Most Likely Neon Prime)

Major Points

  • Valve’s next game is called Neon Prime. It is codenamed Citadel, and according to the rumors, it is directed by IceFrog, the game designer of Dota 2.
  • The previous rumors were considered suspicious because the insider’s own word was the only thing backing them up.
  • The Artist’s involvement with Valve’s unannounced title sheds light on the rumors, potentially increasing their credibility.

Twitter user Tyler McVicker talked about the game in his tweet before, giving us the details which we mentioned above. However, no official announcement has been made regarding the game, and not even a crumb of information has been given, so these leaks were considered somewhat suspicious.

Luckily, the LinkedIn profile of Boyang Zhu, an Artist who works at Dota 2, shows the connection between these two titles. IceFrog, the game designer of Dota 2, was thought to be the director of Neon Prime, and the theme of the game was centered, or at least inspired by Dota 2.

Now that we know an artist from one game is involved with Valve’s next game, this almost confirms everything that Tyler McVicker previously mentioned in his tweet. Although there is always a slight possibility of this unannounced title being something else entirely, it is not so big for us to worry about.

We only know Neon Prime as Valve’s upcoming title, which has been linked with Dota 2 for quite some time with no backing up. But now, we can confidently say that IceFrog is involved with the game, and all Dota 2 lovers can at least look forward to that.

We admit this only goes through what we previously knew, but the change in the LinkedIn profile is new. So, we can take Tyler McVicker’s word for the information he has given regarding the game, and we can only hope for it to be announced anytime soon. 

These leaks help us paint a picture of what the game might look like, and finding evidence to back them up is just as important as the leak itself.

That’s all for today. Do you think the game will be announced before 2022 ends? Are you looking forward to a Dota 2-based Sci-Fi game? If so, what are you most excited about? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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