Immortals Fenyx Rising’s New Game Might Be a Spin Off

Immortals Fenyx Rising is an adventure game packed with action. It was developed by Ubisoft Quebec and published by Ubisoft. The game was released for various platforms on the 3rd of December, 2020. It received a great reception and is considered to be a fantastic game.

Originally named Gods and Monsters, the game is played in a third-person perspective. You can customize your character’s gender, voice, and even appearance using Aphrodite’s Beauty Chair. The players can return at any point to make other changes.

The game is set in a vast open world consisting of event regions, each of which is inspired by the Greek Gods. If you could not tell, the first game is heavily influenced by Greek Mythology. As such, any project made related to this game must also have that in common.

There have been rumors, and many notable journalists have confirmed that Ubisoft is working on a new game. This game is not a sequel to Immortals Fenyx Rising but a spin-off. Jeff Grubb extensively discusses these details in his podcast.

He confirmed that there would be a God narrator, which would be visually similar to the earlier game. However, there is still time before more information is “officially” given since the game is in early pre-productions.

This game will be heavily influenced by Polynesian/Hawaiian Mythology. But how much of a dedicated project is it? The answer has been hiding in plain sight, but we can finally connect the dots.

The Head of Casting at SIDE tweeted a month ago about hiring some Polynesian/Fijian/NZ/Samoan Voice Actors. SIDE is a recording studio that has worked with Ubisoft in the past. They have handled voice acting for many high-profile games.

If Ubisoft decides to do this project as dedicated as Immortals Fenyx Rising was, it is bound to do well. Because one of the reasons the game did great, aside from the gameplay, was the compelling story.

It is set in Greek times and is narrated by Prometheus to Zeus. He tells Zeus the story of a mortal “Fenyx”, who, in order to save her brother, must stop the Greek Monster Typhon.

Typhon is considered to be one of the deadliest creatures in Ancient Greek. So much that even Zeus is scared of it and imprisons it for eternity. However, in the game, he escapes and plots his revenge on the Olympian Gods.

He severs the Gods from their Godly essence and robs them of their powers. Zeus retreats and asks Prometheus for help in battling Typhon. Instead of helping, Prometheus wagers with Zeus that if a mortal defeats Typhon, he will be freed from his imprisonment. Hence, Prometheus narrates the story using foresight.

Similarly, we can expect a significant threat equal to Typhon, or maybe some twist as a good God becomes evil. Regardless, Polynesian Mythology is not well-known among the people compared to Greek Mythology. As a result, this might add a sense of thriller and become an excellent game for us as we learn about the Myth.

We also got a concept art from Jeff Grubb, which reveals some insight into who we might see.

Fenyx Rising spin-off concept art from Ubisoft

Below is the similarity of the weapon (left-hand) in concept art to the one in Hawaiian Mythology.

The Weapon Kanaloa Wields.

If you are unfamiliar with the story, this character is similar to the four great Hawaiian Gods. These Gods include Kū, Kanaloa, Kāne, and Lono, whom we might see in the game. The weapon he is holding in his left hand is similar to the one Kanaloa wields. He is the God of the sea.

The staff in his right-hand looks like Taiaha Kura, but there are some differences as it is not usually bent. The character can also be the God of War Kū, but further confirmation is needed. Until then, much of the information is left for speculation. Let us know your thoughts on the game, and we will discuss it below!

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