Mirrorverse Developer Hiring For an Unannounced AAA Game

The coming year is guaranteed to bring many games, and although we had quite some revelations during The Game Awards 2022, many more games will be teased in the future. Luckily, our team at TopTierList found one in its earliest stages, and perhaps we might see some official news coming next year.

The developer of Disney Mirrorverse, Kabam, is actively hiring for the position of Executive Producer for an unannounced AAA game. According to the snippets of information we found along the paragraphs, it will be an Action/Adventure/Fighting game and a cross-platform title in close partnership with a major console. 

The game will be an original IP, and considering the success of their most recent title, they may go all-out with the new game.

Kabam Upcoming AAA Game
Job Listing for Executive Producer.

Major Points

  • Kabam is hiring for an unannounced AAA game that is a cross-platform title in partnership with a console.
  • Although they have posted several other job listings, it is unclear whether they are for the same title due to differences in text.
  • Since the game will be a wholly original IP, we can’t guess what it might be, but we will know further once an announcement is made.

Kabam has worked on several other titles, including Realm of Champions, Star Wars Uprising, and Marvel Contest of Champions. Their most recent title, Disney Mirrorverse, found great success in the ARPG community, and so they have shifted their resources into developing a whole new AAA IP.

Kabam Upcoming Game
Job Description.

Since their games have focused on Disney and Marvel titles, it is possible those works might somewhat inspire this. Still, the description did say, “This is an unannounced cross-platform title, working in close partnership with a major console on a wholly original IP.

Therefore, this title will likely be completely different, but we can still speculate what to expect based on the snippets of information they left in. The requirements for the job included the following list of things:

  • Experience developing an original IP game from concept to ship
  • Experience developing AAA console games in the Action, Adventure, or Fighting genres
  • Experience running a game team with upwards of 100+ team members
  • Experience partnering with external developers or co-dev studios is a plus
  • Excellent understanding of the function and relationship between the different departments of game development
Kabam Unannounced Triple-A Game
Job Listing Details.

So far, we can say that it will be heavily focused on a major console, like Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox, and will fall under the Action, Adventure, or Fighting genre. It’s almost a no-brainer that this will most likely be an ARPG based on that description. In addition, they are also focusing on the current gaming trends and techniques as, according to them, the Executive Producer will get well-versed and “Remain current on competitor products, industry trends, and techniques in game design.”

Although it can be argued these details are far-fetched, the information is barely there. And studios tend to give some basic information along these lines. If you are familiar with the job listings, these are important points worth noting for the future. They should also announce the development of this title anytime in the future, though we don’t know when exactly.

As for now, we can only speculate what we might see in the game. Do you think their previous ARPG titles will inspire this new IP? If so, to what extent will this new IP be different from their other work? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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