Kojima Confirms That He Won’t Showcase Any Games in TGS

Like any other industry, the gaming industry has some of its own gems, people cherished by the entire community. One of the legendary gems is none other than Hideo Kojima, the mind behind Death Stranding, Silent Hill, the Metal Gear series, and so much more. His work is a pillar that has inspired many other developers.

Hideo Kojima Won’t Showcase Any Games

Fans of Kojima have been waiting for TGS(Tokyo Game Show) 2022, where he was supposed to showcase some of his upcoming games. Our team at TopTierList found this just recently, and the unfortunate use of “was” means that he will no longer be showcasing any games there. He explained more about that in a recent tweet.

He started by talking about the event before the pandemic. If you are unfamiliar, the Tokyo Game Show was created in 1996 and has been a staple of gaming since then. Many big titles have been revealed during the TGS. The event was always in the physical form of an expo, but due to the Covid Pandemic, it became virtual in 2020 and 2021. The duration of the event in 2022 will be from 15th-18th September.

Kojima has participated in the event for decades and has been a big part of it. However, he did not want to participate due to the event now being ‘Offline TGS’. Instead, they will participate only in the VR booth and sell merchandise in their indie studio.

Kojima Will Do Their Own Exhibition

Before you start tearing up, the good news is that he did not say that he did not have any games to exhibit. He mentioned that they would do something of their own. Although there are no details on what this could be, it will surely be exciting as the Kojima team will be involved.

Hideo Kojima might share more details on his podcast. Let’s wait and see what he has to say next. Who knows, it might be better to exhibit themselves instead of doing it at TGS. The only bad news here is that since we had a date on TGS, we could expect the games there, but now that’s off the table, so we need to wait for official confirmation on a date by Kojima himself.

When do you think that will happen? Let us know your thoughts on this decision below, and we will discuss it with you!

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