Konami Files Trademark ‘MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB’

Konami is a Japanese entertainment conglomerate and video game company. Every video game player has heard its name. Konami’s video game franchises include Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Castlevania, and the list goes on.

It has held a special place in fans’ hearts for over 30 years, and one of the main reasons they have stayed relevant is the constant creation of new and varied content. This year alone, they have released 18 games across multiple platforms, including mobile PC and consoles.

The franchise is always looking for its next extensive hit by constantly improving existing games and rarely taking any break between new pieces of content. Fans who want even more content may be in good luck, as a new trademark suggests a possible new game could be in development.

Konami Trademark
Konami Trademark

The latest Trademark covers the name MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB seen on the famous chizai website used for patents, designs, and trademarks published daily by the Japan patent office. It relates to “game software” for “computers, video game players, and electronic and wireless devices.” indicating that a possible Mah-Jong Fight Club game could be in the works.

Considering that Konami has already released multiple projects this year, Konami may be working on a new project, and we might see the famous arcade game Mah-Jong Fight Club on other platforms.

Whatever this new Trademark produces, Konami fans will likely want to keep an eye out for what comes next from one of the biggest video game companies.

For those unfamiliar with Trademark, a trademark can be any word, phrase, symbol, design, or combination of these things that identifies your goods or services. It’s how customers recognize you in the marketplace and distinguish you from your competitors.

Please let us know your thoughts about what this Trademark will produce in the comments below! And we will keep you updated.