The Largest Runescape Bounty on a Player Was Just Claimed

Runescape is one of the oldest gems in today’s world that still has a very large player base. If you are an experienced gamer, then it is impossible for you not to know about Runescape and its legendary era.

It is a massively online role-playing game that was released in January 2001. Runescape offers a fantasy world with several classes that the player can choose to play as. Before we had Skyrim and Genshin Impact, the world only knew Runescape as “The Game.”

Runescape offered something completely different to the gamers of its time. However, Runescape seems to make a bond with almost every gamer that plays it. That bond is shown as the game still pulls around four to five thousand players daily, 21 years after its release.

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Runescape Bounty Claim

If you are familiar with Runescape, then you likely know what bounties are in the game. However, if you don’t, then do not worry. Bounties are monetary values that a player is assigned. It is based on rogue kills or other actions they commit on the PvP world.

As of yesterday, C Engineer was the Runescape player who had the largest ever bounty on his head in the game’s long history. He played as a hardcore ironman on PvP-only worlds for about two years. 

However, we at toptierlist found a Tweet made by @JakeSucky, which reported that the large bounty was finally claimed by another Runescape player. This player is responsible for claiming that bounty is PKer Westham.

The bounty amount that he got the sweet taste of was no less than 16 Billion GP. That is a lot of Gp that usually takes months to obtain. This does put some targets on Westham’s account, but still, that’s a very sweet jackpot that he and his team hit.

The Gist of it All

  • A Runescape player, C Engineer, held the largest-ever bounty of 16 billion GP in the game’s history.
  • PKer Westham and his team claimed the 16 Billion GP bounty on C Engineer.

A Little More Context

The text above has a lot of in-game jargon in it, so this section will cover it a bit for new players or gamers who don’t play Runescape at all. Let’s look at what all of this exactly means.

Firstly, 16 billion GP is equivalent to approximately $8000 worth of gold in the game. Basically, it is a lot. Additionally, if you are curious about how Westham and his team claimed this bounty, it can be found in the video below.

In this video, Westham beautifully explains what he does to gain the bounty. Furthermore, it explains what most of the jargon means. So, if you are a new player or looking to get started with Runescape, this is a very good video for a basic idea of the PVP world.

Ending Note

I think most Runescape players would agree that Runescape news is the best news, so this was very thrilling for me to write. Please let me know what you think of this huge achievement in the game’s history below. To conclude, good luck on the grind, fellow gamers. 

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