Rockstar’s Bully 2 May be in Development According to Leak

Chances are you have already heard about the GTA 6 hot topic currently ravaging the internet. We thought the damage was restricted to the Grand Theft Auto franchise but a recent thread on Reddit has proved us wrong.

Bully is another title made by rockstar studios that got caught in the crossfire. It is not as big of a franchise as the GTA series but definitely one worth reporting about. Additionally, it is an action-adventure game released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2.

It is currently playable on many more consoles like the Xbox 360, Android, and Pc. This franchise has been dead for a long while. However, the leak we are about to report shows that this game may be seeing a rerun in the future.

For now, though, let’s look at what this article has to offer in terms of content.

Bully 2 Back in Action

The Gist of it All

  • Learn about the potential Bully 2 game in development
  • See what the self-proclaimed Lapsus$ member has to say about the franchise
  • Judge whether this leak is credible or not

We at toptierlist found a thread made by the user u/HakeemEnglishman that showcased some pretty interesting stuff. In the thread, he linked some images along with screenshots of conversations with someone who claims to be a part of the notorious group Lapsus$.

You can find the Reddit thread here for context.

From the screenshots, we were able to extract a significant amount of information. According to the conversation shown, Rockstar was apparently working on the sequel around 2009 but had to stop to focus more on GTA V.

Furthermore, the hacker goes on to explain that despite having this information, they have no intention of leaking information about Bully 2. This is because Bully is not that big of a franchise nor does it have any hype that the hackers would benefit from.

Lastly, the conversation did say that according to this leak, after GTA 6, the next title released by Rockstar Games will most definitely be the Bully 2 game.


It is key to take all of this information with a pinch of salt. This is because there is an abundance of karma hunters on this topic at the moment. This leak could potentially be fabricated as no direct link was shown anywhere with little to no information about the franchise itself either.

The comments in the thread itself are demolishing the post with claims that it is very fabricated. We still chose to cover it because the GTA 6 leaks were also stamped as fake in the initial hours. However, hopefully, this is not a leak because Rockstar has suffered enough. But, if it is a leak then it’s a pretty good one.