LinkedIn Profiles of Old 343 Employees Hint at Halo the Endless

It's not just one employee, but many are popping up as we dig deeper!

Halo is a classic video game franchise with titles that have become part of every veteran gamer’s favourites. Though it has become much more dormant compared to its golden days, there have been signs of life hinting at what might just be the next hit in the Halo franchise, Halo: The Endless.

Right around Halo Infinite’s campaign release, Microsoft filed the trademark for a potential title called Halo: The Endless. Little to no information has been given regarding this supposed title or DLC, and we don’t even have solid proof of whether the game is under development.

Luckily, our team at TopTierList found a Twitter post that has dug up the LinkedIn profiles of some old 343 employees. They all have one thing in common, and that is a hint at the development of future Halo work. Some of these are screaming Halo: The Endless, and that is what the leaker thinks as well.

Major Points

  • Several LinkedIn profiles hint at the potential development of Halo: The Endless. It is also possible that they are mentioning multiple different projects in the Halo franchise.
  • Since we can see the timeline, it’s easy to guess how deep the development might be.
  • This still doesn’t reveal what kind of content we can expect, but the name itself does give us some ideas.

Twitter user Halo Leaks, a notable leaker in the Halo community, recently posted these screenshots in a tweet. Since these are taken directly from LinkedIn profiles, they are as legit as can be. However, it is also possible that this is something other than Halo: The Endless. That is not the only thing currently in the works for Halo, but for us, anything Halo-related is exciting.

The first screenshot shows an Art Director’s profile, and the description of this position says, “Working on Halo’s next exciting release!” Another description for the Senior Quality Assurance Lead Engineer states, “Former test lead for Halo Infinite’s campaign, now test lead for Halo’s [REDACTED].

Although it looks like they are talking about a new title, the first one may hint at the next Halo Infinite campaign, while the second points at the Tatanka Project. However, the REDACTED is too suspicious, so we would like to believe it is something related to Halo: The Endless.

Since there is no official information, we can’t be too sure. If they are indeed for Halo: The Endless, then the development seems to be in an early phase. The Art Director has been there since June 2022, which is less than a year, and games like Halo require much work.

There is a long road map as well for Halo Infinite, so perhaps once Infinite reaches an acceptable state, 343i will announce something related to the rumoured next title. Until then, nothing can be said unless an insider gives us some juicy details.

Halo: The Endless
The Endless In Halo Infinite.

As for what the game might be about, it will likely be about The Endless, which is a new race introduced in Halo Infinite. Since very little was shown regarding them in the campaign, we can expect them to be the next big thing in Halo, especially since there have been claims of them being worse than The Flood.

So, Halo: The Endless can be a DLC or an entirely new game, but since Infinite still has a long way to go, we can put the lid back on future releases. What do you think these job positions are hinting at? Do you think something big is in the works for the Halo franchise? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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