MADiSON Delayed due to Steam’s upcoming summer sales event

MADiSON is a first-person survival-horror-based game developed by the BLOODIOUS GAMES; the development of the game began in 2016 and was announced through a demo on itch a year later. is a digital distribution platform aimed at publishing independent video games.

It was given the release date of June 24, 2022, and confirmed on PC for steam and on consoles for PlayStation5, PlayStation4, and X Box Series X/s.

When it comes to horror games, fans always have high expectations, and MADiSON is one of them after being in the development for five years; the game takes place in a big house, where you take control of Luca, a 16-year-old boy who receives an instant camera for his 16th birthday. With the use of the instant camera, we can connect the world of the living with the dead,

In this way, the player will have to solve puzzles and discover secrets that cannot be seen with the naked eye; the game takes place inside a large house, but in the trailer, the player is also seen in a church and tunnels so far.

It was announced today by the MADiSON Videogame that they are delaying the game due to Steam’s summer sales event so that they can avoid getting negatively affected by a large number of discounts on Steam’s titles and franchises, and stated that when releasing the game first few weeks are vital for its success.

MADiSON further included that they are a small team of two and have dedicated their lives to this game for more than five years.


When it comes to delayed games, fans are usually not happy about it, but sometimes studios are left with no choice but to delay the game.

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