Big Discount On Projekt Red Games | The Witcher 3 For Next Gen

The Witcher is a series that has been feeding fantasy ARPG enjoyers with amazing games since its creation in 2007. It was developed by CD Projekt Red and published by CD Projekt. The game is based on the book series of the same name by Andrzej Sapkowski. These games act as sequels to the books.

The series has three main games, with two major expansions, and six spin-off games. It is one of the most popular franchises, and according to previous data, it has sold over 65 million copies worldwide.

The Witcher Games
The Witcher.

But if you thought that was all from CD Projekt Red, then you must not be keeping up with the news. They announced the early development of their fourth main installment in the March of 2022. It will be made on Unreal Engine 5, which is different from the traditional REDengine, which was used for the previous two games.

It is planned to be the first step toward a new trilogy series. In addition, they announced today that The Witcher Remake would be made from the ground up using Unreal Engine 5. Fool’s Theory will be making the remake, while CD Projekt Red will give their full supervision.

About The Witcher

The story is set in a medieval fantasy world and follows our main character, Geralt of Rivia. He is one of the few traveling monster hunters and has supernatural powers known as Witchers. The game introduced an exciting moral choice system, which was noted for its time-delayed consequences and the lack of black-and-white morality.

Your actions could change some consequences on your journey, making the game feel much more immersive for many players and therefore becoming vastly popular. Now that we know CD Projekt Red has much more in store for the future, we can sit back and be patient. For those who haven’t kept up with their announcements, we have you covered!

Major Points

  • CD Projekt Red has a total of three major things confirmed to be in development so far.
  • They previously announced the 4th mainline game, and now The Witcher Remake, along with unexpected news on The Witcher 3 coming to the next-gen.
  • In addition, CD Projekt Red is going all out with the celebrations as they have massive discounts for their titles.

CD Projekt Red’s Future Plans

Although we don’t know what they are planning, we got some great insight into what to expect from them in the coming year. Aside from the announcement they made regarding The Witcher Remake, many people replied to their tweets for updates on their other titles. 

Luckily, one fan got their wish answered as the Official CD Projekt Red Twitter account replied to their question regarding The Witcher 3 coming to the next-gen.

In total, we know The Witcher 4 is in development, along with The Witcher Remake. Now we got confirmation from their Twitter account on Witcher 3 for next-gen. Fans have eagerly waited for this to happen, and it seems like their wait might be rewarded very soon.

Aside from that, we can’t know many details as these are probably very early in development (as they also said so in the announcement tweet). Once the game is in a good enough state, we can expect them to give teaser trailers and much more!

That is not all; our sharp eyes at TopTierList also managed to find some amazing deals for CD Projekt Red’s games. It seems that they are going all out to celebrate The Witcher Remake.

Discounts on CD Projekt Red’s Games

On GOG’s official site, there are CD Projekt Red’s games for massive discounts of up to -85%. If you did not know, GOG is a digital distribution platform for video games and films. The games are only for sale for the next 8 days, so make sure to get your copy if you haven’t played their games. 

CD Projekt Games
CD Projekt Red Games are on Sale on GOG.

They also stated on the sale page:

15 years ago, on October 26th, 2007, CD PROJEKT RED released the first part of The Witcher series. And today, they announced the REMAKE of the original title! Celebrate both the anniversary and the exciting news with a sale on all CD PROJEKT RED titles now.

We can see how much they are doing to celebrate this joyous occasion, and we can’t help but be excited. The Witcher has a special place in every gamer’s heart, and this is the perfect way to celebrate that.

Ending Remarks

Although they have announced many things so far, they haven’t given an official date for upcoming news. As of now, all we can do is wait for them to progress in the game’s development and bring out some exciting news once things are presentable. Out of the three things we discussed, The Witcher 3 for next-gen is most likely the one we will get before anything else.

What are you most excited about with all these things coming out in the future? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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