Microsoft’s Recent Patent Shows a Future With Ads While Gaming

Microsoft has done many things perfectly for countless titles, and those efforts can be seen in the success of their exclusives and consoles. Although it still has ways to go to reach the top of the global market, it still dominates a significant portion of it. Still, we can sometimes see some of their ideas that may be best described as questionable.

One occurred recently as Microsoft filed a patent to implement a system where personalized ads will be added to cloud-based streaming and internet-connected games. Since these are personalized ads, they will use data from your account to present you with ads that you may like.

However, something that doesn’t sit well with many gamers is that this can potentially suck out all the fun from Xbox Gaming, as they will be forced to view ads in games that they already paid for. Not to mention, this might also impact environmental design heavily. Let us elaborate on how:

Xbox Ads in Games
Details Of Microsoft’s Patent.

Major Points

  • Microsoft has filed a patent to show personalized ads in games.
  • Depending on each game, these ads will be shown in many ways and will be tailored for each gamer.
  • There will be no way for you to turn off these ads (as far as we know), so it can ruin the fun for many.

After we further inspect the patent details, we see that the diagram consists of 5-steps. The TL;DR of it is that they will receive data on what ads are best suitable for you, then identify the location that is continuously visible to you. Lastly, the ad will continue to play in those locations in real time.

The patent, titled “Providing personalized content for unintrusive online gaming experience,” describes a system that will implement ads to cloud-based streaming and internet-connected games. Microsoft already has many consoles and services like Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

So, they already have the groundwork laid out for them. This system can be implemented before we know it, and that’s where the problem may occur. The way these ads work is simple. You will see personalized ads on things like billboards, items of clothing, or anything appropriate.

Even though they call it “unintrusive,” this can influence the game developers to change some of their environmental details, so slightly less, but the required amount of ads are presented to the viewer. As such, unnecessary environmental changes like this just spell danger for the beauty of a game that relies on these.

Imagine playing a racing game with no billboards; such a combination is unheard of. One thing we know about the community is that they won’t take this well because who would want ads in a game they pay so much for, not to mention there is no benefit for you in this whatsoever.

They will not only interrupt the game developers’ hard work on the environmental details but also meddle with your gaming experience. In some cases, it can even mess with the games’ immersive-ness, like having modern ads in a fantasy world would just seem too much out of place.

All in all, it depends on what direction Microsoft takes with this. Do you think having such ads will elevate the gaming experience, as they say? Or should they rethink whether such a system is even worth the backlash they may receive? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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