KILN: A new Microsoft Trademark has been Revealed

Microsoft is the conglomerate responsible for most of the software we use. For these past few weeks, it has been finding new and exciting ways to make sure it gets noticed by us. It has not held back any punches this year. Furthermore, they don’t seem like they are about to stop any time soon, either.

I am sure you are aware of the drama revolving around Sony, Microsoft, and CMA because of the Activision acquisition dispute. While that matter has put these three in a bright shining spotlight, Microsoft has just been caught adding more coal to its trending fire.

Before we go into what that new news is, a little bit of context is important. First, Microsoft has been making many moves to help it aggress in the Gaming Industry. In addition, Microsoft has been having an exciting year with the huge rise in sales of its Xbox series S and X consoles. 

New KILN Trademark

Their next step towards progressing in the gaming industry seems to be KILN. We at TopTierList spotted a tweet by @ALumia_Italia in which they shared the newest trademark registered by the Microsoft Corporation.

That new trademark is named “KILN. ” KILN is assumed to be Microsoft’s newest gaming platform for selling games. Many details are not present on exactly what kind of platform it will be yet. However, the trademark description states that it will be a “website” that will offer various services. 

If you read the description, it seems like Microsoft is aiming to create a website for online game services. It states that it will be used for services that fall in the category of “online” and “non-downloadable” content. 

It is highly reminiscent of old forgotten companies like Armor Games and Kongregate, which used to provide online game services and sometimes offered downloadable content. However, the download part did not last for long because of some security reasons, so they reverted to an online portal for video games.

The Gist of it All

  • Microsoft Corporation has listed its newest trademark under the name “KILN.”
  • KILN is described as a website that will be used to share and sell gaming services.
  • KILN services are purely online and for non-downloadable content.

Online Content

If you are a gamer from the olden days of Miniclip and Facebook game studio, this concept will be too easy for you to understand. If not, then it may not be that thrilling for you, but nothing is for sure.

The questions for this trademark are immense, but the one that stands out for me is whether this website will host open-source games made by the public or not. I do not think they will, but it would be fantastic if they chose to do so. 

Secondly, Microsoft doesn’t really have a good reputation anymore regarding games. So, will it also acquire more studios for online non-downloadable games? They could also potentially buy off games from other devs and publish them as theirs.

Ending Note

One thing is for sure this is one of the most interesting things Microsoft has done in recent days. I am very excited to see what they choose to do with this newly acquired trademark. Hopefully, it’s fun to use, whatever it may be.

But the time is here to say goodbye. As always, if there is anything you wish to add to this discussion, feel free to use the comments below. Additionally, let me know what you think Microsoft will do with this trademark. Take care, gamers.

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