Microsoft Files Trademark for the Long-Awaited “Project: Mara”

Project: Mara might just be one of those games you heard about upon reveal but have forgotten due to a lack of updates. We assure you Ninja Theory has been giving minor updates on the game, but today we might just have gotten a more prominent yet obvious update.

It is one of the most mysterious games because of that reason and is currently in development at Xbox Game Studios. Ninja Theory has been working on Project: Mara along with Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2. Since we still haven’t received a release date for the Hellblade 2, it would take a while for us to get anything about Project: Mara.

It is going to be different from Ninja Theory’s usual work and might just become the next most anticipated horror game in the coming years. Even though the details are scarce regarding the game, we have some updates from Ninja Theory.

Project: Mara Game
Project: Mara.

Ninja Theory’s Updates On the Game

Aside from the teaser trailer, Ninja Theory has uploaded some information in a development diary so the players can know about the project’s progress. The developers comprise a small team of 20 members, calling their small-scope approach the dreadnought approach. This approach is simply splitting the company into small groups so they can work on many upcoming titles.

Such an approach can allow the company to make bold moves and get something rewarding in the arduous process. Co-founder Tameem Antoniades discussed their work in The Insight Project and how it aims to use and control the environment to bring out a more mental horror, focusing on the players’ mental well-being.

Players can overcome their fears, and we even see some short clips of many heart-wrenching scenes. This project is their way of studying the psychological aspect of gaming and how it can be enhanced. Those elements will be the key feature of Project: Mara.

Major Points

  • Project: Mara will be the pinnacle of psychological horror in its purest form.
  • Although it has been a long time since we got any updates, hopes have emerged after Microsoft filed for a trademark Project: Mara.
  • This does not confirm anything but shows that the game has taken a step forward.

Microsoft Files the Trademark

Our team at TopTierList caught this exciting update with their sharp eyes, and it seems like Microsoft has finally filed the trademark for Project: Mara. However, it doesn’t confirm any rumors or give an official release date. It shows that the game has taken its next step.

The Insight Project
Trademark Details of Project: Mara.

It can take weeks, months, or even years before we get a release date regarding the game. We should also note that this game is getting more research than the usual games, and that’s because it takes a new stance toward the horror element. If done right, we might see the birth of a revolutionizing game.

So far, from the clips, we got the indication that the character in-game is named “Mara,” and the game is set in a mental health facility, which would make sense. Ninja Theory is doing its best to study and recreate the mental health issues and the terrors it brings and present an experience, which according to them, is “based on real lived experience accounts and in-depth research.”

Project Mara Dev Diary
Image From Project: Mara Dev Diary.

In addition, the game will create an environment that is not just self-contained but individualized and absorbs the individual’s experiences to recreate their fears, which they must overcome as they progress.

About Trademarks

Before becoming too optimistic regarding the release date, you need to understand how trademarks work. Any combination of words, phrases, symbols, designs, and even logos that a company identifies as its “service,” or “product” is called a trademark. It is how the customers recognize you in the market.

Trademarks are often filed to prevent unauthorized use. Filing for one in this situation does not mean the company has plans for a set release date and does not give official information. It simply shows that the game is alive and still in development.

In Conclusion

If things progress as they have, we might need to wait a bit longer before receiving more information. It can be another teaser trailer, a gameplay trailer, or even just some update in a development diary. The main thing is that the project is doing well as far as we know.

As for how the game will turn out, what are your thoughts on Ninja Theory’s approach to this game? Do you think the game will be able to grasp the concept of mental health issues as it promises? Let us know down below, and we will get back to you!

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