Mr.Beast to be involved in Roblox

With talks of Crypto, NFTs and Meta on the rise, one franchise taking advantage of the situation is Roblox. The concept of Roblox is virtual worlds created for people to interact in without having to leave their houses and you could say the same statement for the metaverse.

Some Roblox servers have been implementing NFTs into their worlds by allowing players to wear accessories based on NFTs they own. Many fashion designers have been recreating their real dresses as Roblox clothing and are very impressed by their items’ revenue in the game.

Mr.Beast has been heavily invested in everything crypto-related since it all began, NFTs, Cryptocurrency, and the metaverse, you name it, he’s a part of it.

Roblox reporter Bloxz on Twitter stated Mr.Beast and his crew had joined the Roblox Metaverse and were likely to be a part of the Roblox Metaverse project called Miami. The tweet also included links to Roblox accounts belonging to Mr.Beast, Chris, and Chandler who are his friends.

Sealow's Confirmation of Mr Beast News
Head of Mr.Beast’s gaming channel Sealow confirms that BLOXZ’s statement on Twitter is true.

However, this statement was quickly debunked when the head of Mr.Beast’s gaming channel Sealow confirmed in a tweet what Bloxz stated was true however Mr.Beast had nothing to do with the project’s development and this was related to a Mr.Beast shorts video.

This could mean Mr.Beast hosts some sort of competition in the game to compete for a large cash prize like he has done on multiple occasions in the past giving away tens of thousands of dollars in games for example Minecraft.

In his latest video on Mr.Beast Gaming he gave away 10000$ to whoever built the best house in the game according to him and his friends. A similar concept is easily applicable to Roblox and could explain why he is recording a short video in Roblox.

Mr.Beast seems to be at a career all-time high amassing over a hundred million subscribers in total with 94.2million coming from his main channel Mr.Beast alone. The current expected date for Mr.Beast to hit the eye-watering 100Million subscriber mark on his main channel is July 23, 2022.

This collaboration is not only helpful to Roblox but to Mr.Beast as well, ever since Roblox’s involvement with the metaverse their player base has been on the rise and the hype of the game is at an all-time high.