Need For Speed Twitter Banner Revamped; Game Reveal Soon

The Need For Speed franchise is perhaps one of the most sought-after arcade-racing series worldwide. Published by Electronic Arts and developed by the well-renowned Criterion Games, acclaimed for developing the Burnout series, the series has garnered immense support since its first installment. The game revolves around evading law enforcement agencies alongside a story mode centered on completing objectives via racing.

Background To The Series

The imminent release of the next installment in the series has left fans eagerly waiting. With the previous two installments hitting below the bar, EA looks to bounce back with their new release in an attempt to satisfy their massive fanbase. The very fanbase jumped on the EA bandwagon as a result of the plethora of customization and variety of street racing that Need For Speed had to offer.

Salient Points

  • The Need For Speed amassed a large following of loyal fans as a result of its unique story-driven gameplay.
  • Indications suggest that the trailer will be upon us in a couple of days’ time.
  • Need For Speed Heat on a 95% sale on steam further adds fuel to the fire.

A post on the Need For Speed Reddit, made by user SUUCCC, spotted by TopTierList, has given an indication that the dawn of an official announcement for the game is not far off.

Eagle-eyed fans may notice that the recent change in the banner for the Need For Speed Twitter account shows a resemblance to the days of ProStreet, an installment in the franchise highly reputed for its distinguished atmosphere and highly customizable gameplay.

Further Clues

Need For Speed Heat Steam Page example
Need For Speed Heat Steam Page

As per the case with every game nearing its life cycle and before the announcement of a new installment, Need For Speed Heat was currently put on a 95% discount on Steam. As a result, the game rose to one of the highest played games of the week and it further adds to the speculation that the next game is on its way.

Final Remarks

“Unbound” as it is widely rumored to be dubbed, has been under direct scrutiny by insiders of the industry and it has already been hit with a mass of expectations from fans. What would you like to see included in the next installment?

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