Latest Leak Reveals Need For Speed Unbound Screenshots

Need for Speed is a franchise that continues to rival some of the best racing games to date. Unlike other competitors like Forza’s Horizon, Need for  Speed holds a special place in some of our hearts from the old Playstation 2 days.

It is one of the few Electronic Arts titles that have not seen overwhelmingly positive reviews. The Need For Speed franchise has seen some criticism but not nearly as much as EA’s other titles like FIFA.

However, let us talk about the main topic of our article here, Need For Speed Unbound. The latest Need For Speed title is due in the coming days. According to the leaks about this title, it is more heavily focused on multiplayer than other aspects.

Unbound Screenshots

We at TopTierList found some of Need For Speed Unbound’s screenshots thanks to @gematsu on Twitter. In that tweet, they listed the console restriction and the release date for the PS5 version.

Let’s break this tweet down to see what EA plans for this new title. First and foremost, according to most leaks and this tweet, Need For Speed Unbound will only be available on next-gen consoles, i.e., Playstation 5 and Xbox X/S.

Furthermore, the game is due for release on the second of December this year. It was revealed last week that the official trailer of this title would be ninety seconds long and focus on what the gameplay will look like.

Lastly, from the images, it appears that EA is leaning toward a more animated style of the world. This is contrary to how it has aimed to market a more realistic style of art in older titles like Most Wanted.

The Gist of it All

  • Need for Speed Unbound will be available only on Next Gen consoles, according to current information.
  • Unbound will focus more on an animated style rather than a realistic one.

Player’s Note

It is important to note what the players think about the upcoming changes so let’s discuss it a little bit in this section. All of the sources for these reviews are found in the replies to the tweet linked above.

In the replies, a good majority of the users seem excited about the new art style, which is not that surprising. That form of animation is currently trending in a lot of games. This is why it is not surprising that EA would opt for this style.

Another part of the audience is worried if Unbound’s gameplay itself will be any good or not. That is yet to be seen, but it does seem like EA knows exactly what they are doing with Need for Speed Unbound.

Ending Note

Well, that does it for this little news circulating over the web. Do let me know what you think about this new title. Additionally, what are your expectations of it? Feel free to list it all in the comments below.

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