Amazing New Things Coming to Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games, where 100 people descend via a flying bus, and the last person standing on the map wins the match. It has amassed a huge fanbase over time, and as expected, the game pumps out a lot of content into the game. The frequent updates, collaborations, events, and different cosmetics make the game extremely fun for the target audience.

The modes they have added include Solo, Duo, Zero Build, and Squad. One of their most legendary events was the Travis Scott event back in 2020, which introduced music to the game from a whole different perspective.

Fortnite has paved the way for many battle royale games, so it is no understatement that they will continue to add creativity to the game. Just recently, we received some leaks from one of our most credible leakers HYPEX who is one of the few people who still uploads daily news, future potential leaks, and even easter eggs. HYPEX posted some tweets regarding the new upcoming shotgun and a potential new biome.

The new shotgun will be similar to the primal shotgun and have 8 bullets per round. The reload will be 2 bullets at a time, and the whole reload will take 6 seconds. Similarly, it will shoot 2 bullets at a time, having a faster fire rate (0.85)  than both striker & pump.

The common gun will do 54 damage on the body, and 75 as headshots, while the legendary does 66 body and 95 headshots per bullet. The shotgun seems like a very powerful gun, and will definitely be abused by many players alike.

Aside from this, he also mentioned that Epic is working on an item “daisy”, which will be environmental and give a slurp heal effect. He added that it will likely be a biome, or maybe just a new area. A biome is a specific area with its own fauna/flora and often comes with its unique weather. Regardless, it will be very interesting to see these things being added to the game anytime soon.

We will have to wait and see and do remember that the numbers might not be as accurate, since anything is subject to change until it’s officially announced. If you have any other questions regarding the leaks, do let us know!