Nintendo Files Trademark for an Old Logo in Zelda

Nintendo has been serving us many games since childhood and is still at the top of the charts. They have thousands of characters, logos, and many other things trademarked to prevent their unauthorized use. Even now, it is possible to see them revisit some old games and characters to protect their intellectual property.

Nintendo needs no introductions. It is one of the biggest video game companies, and they have many things they need to protect, and it seems like it recently revisited an old title for a similar purpose.

Nintendo Zelda Game
The Legend of Zelda.

About Trademarks

It is essential for you to understand how trademarks work before venturing into this article. Any combination of words, phrases, symbols, designs, and even logos that a company identifies as its “service,” or “product” is called a trademark. It is how the customers recognize you in the market and they distinguish you from your competitors.

Trademarks are often filed to prevent unauthorized use. Filing for one in this situation does not mean the company has plans for that product, but the possibility still exists.

Major Points

  • Nintendo filed for an old trademark that has been seen quite often on Master Sword in Zelda.
  • It does not necessarily mean they are doing something new with the related IP, but the possibility is still there.
  • It is highly likely they are doing it just to protect against any unwanted use of the logo.

Nintendo Trademarks An Old Logo

Our team at TopTierList managed to find the latest trademark that Nintendo has filed. The trademark can be seen in Zelda games on Master Sword for those unfamiliar.

Zelda Master Sword Logo
Details of the Logo Trademarked by Nintendo.

It may be hard for many to recognize this, but a clearer picture of Master Sword shows the logo on the front of the sword. Although it is still not clear whether they mean to revive something from the game, bring out merchandise, or have purely filed it for protection.

Zelda Master Sword Logo
The Logo is Shown Clearly on Master Sword in Zelda.

In Conclusion

Even though we are not sure where Nintendo will take this, it is still fun to see some of the classic titles being revisited. What do you think Nintendo plans to do with the future of Zelda? Do you think Zelda is the pinnacle of classic RPGs? Let us know your thoughts below, and we will get back to you!

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