Fan Reviews Show why Nioh 2 is not Worth Sleeping on

Nioh 2 is a game that needs barely any introduction, especially if you’re a fan of RPG titles. However, if you are not, prepare to fall in love with Team Ninja’s RPG gem. It is an action RPG game that came out in 2020 and quickly rose to the top of the charts.

It shares a lot of aspects with games like Dark Souls and BloodBourne, killing monsters in dark ambient environments. Of course, with that similarity comes to its frustration and difficulty, which is why many great gamers ignore this game.

However, I am here to change your mind about this game once and for all. Aiding me in this battle is going to be some of the most loyal fans of the franchise on Reddit. If you are already a fan of this game, stick around because I will also share some tips and tricks.

Why is it so great?

We at toptierlist spotted a very comprehensive and fun-to-read post by a Reddit user named u/EdajimaHeihachi. In their post, they beautifully discuss everything great about Nioh 2 and why you shouldn’t sleep on this title at all. However, that post inspired me to dive deeper into the game and list exactly why this game is a masterpiece.

Nioh 2 Reddit Game Review
Nioh 2 Review

The first and greatest thing about this game is that it is free. Contradictory to some of its similar games, it will not drain your pocket for AAA prices and is completely free to play on steam. This also means that there is absolutely no harm in trying this game out, at least.

Furthermore, its co-op is legendary. I cannot fathom how perfect it is, to the last-minute detail. If you are a new player, then you probably aren’t familiar with the token system in Nioh 2. You have to use a token to summon players to your aid; however, you must first help other players out to obtain that token. This extremely beautiful feature promotes a “help and gets help” message in the game as well.

This Gist of it All

  • Nioh 2 is a fantastic action RPG game that shares features from other soul-like games.
  • It is free to play on a PC through the Steam store.
  • Nioh 2 has one of the best co-op mechanics compared to other multiplayer games released in recent months.
  • Nioh 2 does not require you to play Nioh 1, as it is a prequel to the former title.

Some Tips for Beginners

As I did mention, this game is a lot like Dark Souls. However, I did not mention that it is significantly harder than Dark Souls. So, be prepared to die a lot and repeatedly. Additionally, you can call for help in co-op mode, but the game scales in difficulty in co-op to keep it fair. So stay chill and follow these tips to ensure you have a great time.

First and foremost, don’t make the mistake of hoarding loot early game. Most of the loot you get in the early game is useless. Try to keep just what you need at the time and focus on progressing through the game, so you unlock some of the higher rarity weapons. Some bosses also drop cool skills if you are lucky enough.

Secondly, focus on the different game mechanics in some of the early fights you go through. Get acquainted with some of the different stances and how well they perform in which situation. Furthermore, the “Ki Pulse” mechanic is key in getting to know the game. It is what makes the combat in Nioh 2 so unique.

Lastly, this game is not as hard as it looks. Each boss has its weakness. You only need to discover that weakness and build yourself to exploit it as much as possible. Remember that building is very important, as only one item can completely change your playstyle.

This an honorable mention for one of the most frightening features in the game that I missed the first time I played this game. When you come across a player’s grave, it may be a reddish color. Activating that spawn an AI version of that player that you can try and defeat for their loot.

Nioh 2 bloody grave
Bloody Grave in Nioh 2

Things to keep in Mind

One of the most asked questions about this game is, “Do I need to play Nioh 1 to play Nioh 2?” The answer is no. Nioh 2 is set as a prequel to its former title, which makes it perfectly ok to play through it. However, you may miss some context in the very last mission of the main game that has some references to Nioh 1 but nothing too critical that you must know.

The other feature that you need to know is the Ki Pulse. Some of the new players ignore this feature which is a huge mistake. Ki Pulse is the difference between you being rolled over in every fight and you fighting like a ruthless killing machine.

This is a feature that you should learn as early as you can because it allows you to chain combos which are critical for a fun combat experience. Ki pulse refunds all the Ki you have spent in the frequent flurry of blows. When used perfectly, it can enable you to attack nonstop without ever stopping. This is especially useful when training to be a great Nioh player.

Ending Note

The time is here to conclude our take on this beautiful game. It is definitely one of my favorite games, which is why I hope that I was able to convince you to try it out. It will be pretty difficult to get used to, but once you get the combos and timings down, you will have a great time.

As always, let me know what you think about Nioh 2 in the comments below. Additionally, if you have something to add to the tips and tricks or other helpful information for players, leave it down in the comments below as well. Take care, gamers.

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