Only Up! Makes a Comeback on Steam After Mysterious Removal

The game returns on Steam amidst non-commercial asset misuse allegations.

Only Up! was removed from Steam yesterday. It seemed very mysterious and sudden but an artist claimed that the game used one of their assets which was meant for non-commercial use, and it could be one of the reasons for its removal. The developer was quick and posted on Twitter that the game will be available for purchase on Steam again when it was taken down and today it is back again on Steam for purchase.

The game has been popular among Twitch streamers, YouTubers, and Kick streamers and thus has seen a massive popularity surge because of that. This is one of those flappy bird-type games that sees a massive increase in popularity despite being an indie game because of its very nature, as it is very simple yet addictive, it increases the frustration in people and requires precise timing and coordination which means content for the content creators.

Key Points

  • Mysterious Removal and Asset Controversy: Only Up! was removed from Steam due to allegations of using assets meant for non-commercial use. Reddit users claim that they have used assets from, Nintendo, Final Fantasy, and Minecraft.
  • Developer’s Response and Quick Reinstatement: The developer promptly addressed the situation on Twitter, acknowledging the removal and stating that the game would be made available for purchase on Steam again and it is now back again for purchase.
  • Popular Among Content Creators and Twitch Viewers: The addictive and frustrating gameplay has made it a heaven for the content creators on YouTube, Twitch, and Kick. It has over 85,000 live viewers on Twitch at the moment.


The game’s main focus is on climbing and platforming. It is a challenging platforming game that keeps you on the edge and after repeated failures, you get addicted to it and want to play it over and over again. It makes it quite enjoyable to watch, and many streamers play it because in the end it is easy content and they just have to show rage to get views. Over 85,000 people are currently watching it on Twitch.

Our team at Top Tier List went deep and researched the reasons for its possible removal. On Reddit, the user u/LunitX claims the game was removed because they were using a section with the giant girl and it was a stolen asset.

by u/LuntiX from discussion Only Up! removed from Steam
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The second reason for its removal according to another Reddit user u/knigg2 is that they were using Nintendo’s music in the game. Which is an economic suicide, and if you are not living under a rock you would know about Nintendo’s strict copyright policy.

by u/knigg2 from discussion Only Up! removed from Steam
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The game has used music from Final Fantasy and there are Minecraft chests near the end, the game quite clearly has many stolen assets and the Reddit user u/ForgottenLumix claims that.

by u/ForgottenLumix from discussion Only Up! removed from Steam
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These were some of the reasons that we found on the internet for its possible removal in the first place, and looking at these one can assume that the game might land in hot waters again as they have a lot of assets that seem stolen. Other than that there was a promotion of an NFT in the game but Steam has no policy where it states that you can not promote NFTs.