Many Loyal Fans Losing Their Faith In Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 a game subjected to so much criticism as of late that its future has become questionable. From having hours-long queue time to bugs/exploits, and account merge issues, Overwatch 2 has a cluster of problems, and fans seem tired of it already.

It has been almost a week since Overwatch 2 launched, and we got to say our final goodbyes to Overwatch 1. The decision by Blizzard Entertainment was a major one, enough to cause many fans to show their concerns over them. Considering the state of the game as of now, their concerns were rightfully placed.

Since the game is still new, many challenges and issues are expected, but Overwatch 2 seems to have too many of them. Today, our team at TopTierList will show you the tip of the iceberg that caused Overwatch’s ship to sink this low.

About Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is a 2022 FPS game by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the sequel to Overwatch and aims to give the player the same PvP environment, along with some Co-Op modes. The significant changes in the PvP modes are the reduction of team size to 6, previously 5. It further allowed them to rework some characters to make the team fulfil each aspect.

Major Points

  • Overwatch 2 came with a flood of bugs, and while some have been fixed, players still face significant issues, like merging their Overwatch 1 accounts.
  • Blizzard has addressed some issues, but the fans are still not happy. 
  • Many of these caused fans to review-bomb Overwatch 2, embarrassing the Overwatch franchise.

Players Still Facing Account Merge Issues

The players’ first and most significant issue is the problem with merging Overwatch 1 and 2 accounts. Although Blizzard responded to the issues, assuring that their progress is not lost and they will get their things back, fans are still unsure how long this can go. They want to see their skins and heroes in the game, yet the game still considers them new players.

Overwatch Account merge
Reddit Bug Report Regarding The Account Merge Queue.
Overwatch account merging
Reddit Bug Report Regarding The Account Merge.

As you can see, players have not only taken it to Twitter, but there are frequent bug reports of many different issues on the Overwatch 2 Subreddit Megathread. It seems like it will still take a while for things to get straight and for people to get back their legendary skins.

F2P Players Complaining

Some players also took notice of the free-to-play aspect of the game. Since you can only get 60 coins a week in Overwatch 2, it will take 32 weeks to get 1900 coins, enough to get a legendary skin.

Players criticise that Blizzard took out their loot boxes to implement something worse than they already had. Since this is not a bug and merely a complaint from only a part of the community, it is unlikely that Blizzard will do anything about it.

Queue Time

One of the community’s earliest and most significant issues is queue time. It can sometimes take an hour to play a game, and if you are only a casual player who wants to queue in your free time, this can cause you to play way less and even close the game after waiting so long.

In the beginning, people thought the queue time would get better once the hype for the game settled down, but it seems like it is only getting worse for many gamers. There have even been bug reports in the Subreddit Megathread of the queue starting over again after waiting for hours.

However, the only way you can lessen the queue time is either by changing your role or server or playing at times when the player count is at its least. Both of those are not optimal, as they make you play the game not in the way you would want to. But if you wish to have fun playing, you can go for them.

You should also know that you can get 500 Battle Pass XP by playing a support or flex role.

Overwatch 2 May Not Recover

Overwatch 2 has received some painful blows, which will take time to recover. After being memed to no ends and getting review-bombed, the game hardly appeals to someone who has not played the first game. A newcomer will likely steer away after seeing a bad reputation.

We know the game is still early, and these things are expected. But once you have a massive player base, you should know the risks and try to eliminate them beforehand. Blizzard is now facing the consequences of its mistakes; only time will tell how this game does.

Overwatch 2 Bad Ratings
Overwatch 2 Reviews on Google.

In Conclusion

The game is in a tough spot, and Blizzard has its hands full with fixing the many things wrong with the game. They have already dealt with some exploits, especially the Bastion ult. We have seen some games go through this, but the only question remains whether dedicated Overwatch fans will stay loyal to Overwatch 2 now.

Have you tried to play Overwatch 2? How has your experience been? Share your thoughts about the game’s current state with us in the comments below, and we will get back to you!

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