Valorant Devs Reveal Pearl as the Gateway to Omega Earth’s Lore

Valorant was shining bright in last week’s spotlight with Valorant Champions Tour ongoing. Afterward, it continued to keep itself on the trending train after releasing many new changes to its latest map Pearl.

However, that is not the topic of our conversation today. Valorant has been one of the best competitive games according to the charts, dethroning almost every other fps game. Riot Games, the company behind the game, also have a good reputation for releasing legendary games and shows.

Because Valorant has climbed this high, each feature of the game must be handled with extreme care. We are here to talk about today, but first, let’s see what you will find in this article.

The Making of Pearl

The Gist of it All

  • Experience the thought that went behind making Pearl
  • Learn about the lore defining Alpha and Omega Earth
  • What inspired Pearl?

We at toptierlist were able to find this video from the Developers of Valorant and saw what they had to say about Pearl. Pearl is the latest map in the game, so it was bound to have some unique mechanic as all the other Valorant maps, or did it?

Joe Lansford, the level designer, said in the video, “We wanted to make sure we weren’t pigeonholing ourselves into that..”. He further goes on to say that Pearl is special because it is completely geo driven. If you are a player, you know that it is a particularly small map with many tight corners and angles.

Further, in the video, the developers say that Pearl was made to give the players what they wanted. It gave a little bit to every agent in the pool right now. Sage and Raze are two agents that were highlighted in the video for having very interesting utility usage on this map.

Another thing that was highlighted by the developer was the mid-section of the map. He said that mid was made shorter for the attackers, so it was better to play on eco rounds. It was heavily defender sided, but the devs wanted to make it a little fairer for attackers. The changes they made recently can be found here.

Omega Earth Lore

For the rest of the video, the developers only discussed the lore side of Pearl. Pearl was the first view of what Earth Omega looked like. There is a chance you don’t know what I am talking about here, so let me bring you up to speed.

In Duality, we were introduced to the reality that there are two of each agent. One of the from Earth Alpha and the other from Earth Alpha. For the most part, it seems like we are on the side of Earth Alpha. Duality introduced a crucial part of this lore for us because it acts as a catalyst for future lore videos.

However, in Shattered, the devs showed us what Omega Earth looked like. In the video, we see Neon, Reyna, and Killjoy enter Pearl and be exposed to what Earth Omega was like through the windows of a comic book store.

Some locations from the lore video, like the dome around the area, the comic book store “Hi Tide Comics,” and the Agent statues around attacker spawn, can be seen in the map itself. Above all, the devs hoped that this map was “Comfortable” for the players and that they got to appreciate the “Beauty” of the map itself.