PS5 Shipment Issue in Asia and Japan Set to Resolve in 2023

Sony may have been a dominant force in the console market, but even the best suffers from severe issues now and then. One of the most prevalent issues for Sony’s PlayStation 5 was the supply and distribution.

However, that should end now as Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, recently assured the shortage issue has been resolved in Asia. In addition, we should expect a surge in shipments in Asia and Japan next year.

Although the issue has been resolved mainly in Asia, the chances of the situation improving elsewhere will also increase as more pathways open up for the company.

Jim Ryan
Jim Ryan Addressing The Shipment Issue at PlayStation Partner Awards 2022.

Major Points

  • During the PlayStation Partner Awards 2022, Jim Ryan addressed the issue that has been pertaining for a few years and assured the distribution chain in Asia is now working at full capacity.
  • The issue was prevalent in Asia, far more than anywhere else. So this is excellent news for the many gamers in Asia.
  • He also stated that more units would be shipped to Asia and Japan next year.

After the release of PlayStation 5, the world was amidst a global pandemic. While many thought it would be good for the gaming industry as people could spend more time enjoying games at home, the situation was quite the opposite. There were issues in the supply chain due to the pandemic and a worldwide semiconductor shortage.

For those unfamiliar, semiconductors are one of the crucial parts of electronics, so Sony could not keep up with the consumer demand, drastically affecting production. These factors piled up to disrupt the supply and distribution of PlayStation 5.

Luckily, Jim Ryan, the CEO of SIE, addressed the issue in the recent PlayStation Partner Awards 2022, indicating that the problem is resolved for the Asian market, and we should see an increase in PS5 shipments next year. However, it is still unclear how they tackled the semiconductor shortage.

The organizers of this event celebrated the success of Elden Ring and Genshin Impact and broadcasted Jim Ryan’s message. Aside from addressing the issue, he also apologized for the inconvenience this shortage has caused many gamers and thanked the community for the massive support.

PS5 Supply Issues
Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Since the event was broadcasted in Japan, the emphasis on “shipment increase in Japan” was heavily noted, but the rest of Asia would also see the changes and can take a sigh of relief. This has not only opened up the hopes of returning to the normal state we had before the pandemic but also makes us look forward to what PlayStation has in store for us next year.

We should note that the shortage issue might still remain in Europe and North America. Although it was much more prevalent in Asia, the other regions contributed most of the PlayStation sales and should be addressed very soon. But since Jim Ryan did not comment, we can’t be too sure.

As for the Asian market, the prices should return to normal, and the console market will become more stable as we head into 2023. It is unclear when exactly next year, but it will be noticeable once the change occurs.

The rumored PlayStation 5 Slim model is also around the corner so the market might be completely different next year, and we hope it will be positive. Even then, when do you think they will launch globally? Do you think Sony will address the shortage issue in Europe and North America? And will the Asian console market be more stable with the changes?

Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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