Compulsion Games’ Midnight Is in the Playable Alpha Build Stage

The latest release by Compulsion Games has been We Happy Few: We All Fall Down in 2019.

Project Midnight has been revealed for quite some time, and most of what we know about the game comes from Jez Corden via Windows Central. While he shed some light on the game details, our team at TopTierList has found a job listing revealing that the game is now in the playable alpha build stage.

Lisa H. works as a Narrative Director on Compulsion Games’ Unannounced IP, which we know is Project Midnight, thanks to Jez. According to the description of her role, she has assisted with the project from pre-production to a playable alpha build stage.

Since the game has come this far, we can expect more official news on it anytime soon. Perhaps, a proper reveal is also on its way, but let’s keep our expectations in check as we don’t know much other than what the description states.

Compulsion Games Project Midnight
Lisa H.’s Work On Project Midnight.

Major Points

  • Compulsion Games’ Project Midnight is currently in the playable alpha build stage.
  • The reveal comes directly from the LinkedIn profile of this project’s Narrative Director.
  • This can potentially be the next release after their latest game, We Happy Few: We All Fall Down, in 2019.

Compulsion Games has been with Microsoft since its content acquisition spree started. It is formally known for its game, We Happy Few, and even though it came with its own problems, the game did pretty well. After seeing their potential with the first few games, gamers have been looking forward to this project ever since it was leaked.

So far, we know the game is a third-person action game set in a dark fantasy world. Some of the artwork was leaked via Windows Central, revealing the main character of this game. It also shows us some creatures you can expect from a dark fantasy.

The game has been defined as a “coming of age” tale and takes many inspirations from America’s Deep South. Since it is a dark fantasy, we are sure to expect magic, mystical creatures, and some monstrous enemies. The game will be completely single-player, and according to Jez Corden, it has a very strong story.

Take that as you will, the game shows potential, and after seeing a trend in the dark fantasy genre recently, we expect it to deliver pretty decently, to say the least. Even though we had no indications whatsoever regarding the game’s release, a LinkedIn profile has awoken hope with its exciting tease.

Lisa H. worked as a Principal Writer on this project before being promoted to Narrative Director after just 6 months of work. Her job experience states, “

Compulsion Games
Lisa H.’s Work On We Happy Few.

Lisa’s work on Compulsion Games’ previous game and the promotion shows the game is in capable hands. In addition, she has worked on it since the pre-production, and according to her, the project is now in a playable alpha build stage.

Since the game is in a playable state, we can expect to see more news regarding the game, whether official or in leak format. Jez Corden mentioned that it could take a few years before the game is officially revealed, and it’s been over a year since then.

While this may be an update to the project, it is still not an official reveal, so we can expect Compulsion Games to take some time with it. Microsoft may also have this game lined up for a reveal in one of its upcoming events. After the surprise they gave with Hi-Fi Rush, there’s no expecting what they might do.

That is all for now! When do you think Project Midnight will be revealed? Do you think the game will be as exciting as described by Jez? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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