PlayStation to Take the Game Pass Route

Video game subscriptions are a blessing for many gamers, as they allow you to enjoy games in a more budget-friendly way. Not to mention, it allows you to enjoy some games while supporting their creators. Although there are many such subscriptions, our main focus today will be on two, Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus.

PS Plus is known for being flawed, mostly because it compromises on many things just to be more unique. However, according to an insider, PlayStation is looking to implement major changes to PS Plus service, starting by removing the monthly updates from PS+ Extra. Instead, it will now be more similar to the Game Pass model of having Day 1 games.

Twitter user Rythian mentioned in his tweet that these changes will occur sometime in 2023 and will focus on bringing various titles on Day 1 from its external development studios, such as the London Studio External Development, Shanghai Studio, and Madrid Studio. 

Major Studios

  • PlayStation Plus will abandon the “once a month” game update model in PS+ Extra.
  • Instead, they will focus on more Day 1 titles from its external studios while the internal titles will remain 1+ years out.
  • The changes will occur sometime during 2023, but the information is tentative as nothing has been officially announced. 

According to the insider, PlayStation has been looking into changing the model of its subscription service. While we are all aware that PS Plus is extremely flawed and has mostly been a disappointing experience for many, it is still surprising to see them take such big steps.

We can’t deny that having Day 1 titles from external studios is a good initiative for them, and so such a model is perfect for their service. But this new model is very similar to Xbox Game Pass. Many people love that platform, and its model works perfectly with the vast portfolio of games from them.

This move seems weird since Jim Ryan, the CEO and President of SIE, commented how Sony doesn’t want to compete with Game Pass. Not to mention, it will be almost impossible for Sony to outperform Game Pass in this matter since the latter has been nothing but wonderful for its members.

Maybe after seeing their success, PlayStation realized the need for a change. This will occur sometime in 2023, according to the insider’s sources. Even then, Sony needs to fulfill its promises to current PS Plus members. We already know how little progress they have made with the promise of more game demos.

PlayStation has already restructured its model multiple times, but time and time again, it continued to disappoint. So, even with this big change, we don’t know how good the service might become. Though it sounds good, it still depends on how PlayStation executes this. If they somehow fail, then there will be nothing that can save PS Plus.

PS Plus Tiers
PlayStation Plus Tier.

These changes will occur to the Extra tier, and only the games from their external development studios will end up coming on Day 1. According to the insider, their own internal games will remain 1+ years out. This allows them to bring titles like Stray to the community early on.

Since none of this has been announced officially, some details are subject to change. The insider also did not mention how credible his sources are this time, so take some of it with a grain of salt.

Even though the debate will continue, do you think Sony can improve its subscription service and outclass Game Pass? If not, what do you think PS Plus lacks compared to Game Pass? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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