Latest Sale Charts Show PS5 Leads in September Console Sales

You are likely aware of how much drama between Sony and Microsoft has been happening. Microsoft is trying to acquire Activision and has had these two studios trending in almost every gaming discussion.

But, amidst this conglomerate war, some interesting data has made its way to notice. Sales dictate how well each company is going and this new data that we are about to share is certainly very surprising yet, at the same time, expected.

The two most notable consoles, Xbox and PlayStation, have extremely anticipated titles coming soon. Because of this, the overall sales of both consoles have been high throughout September.

Nintendo has also made its way quite high into the charts as well. However, because of how much criticism its newest Pokemon game is getting without even being released, these numbers are unlikely to be soaring that high.

September Sales Throne

We at TopTierList found a tweet by the head of, Christopher Dring. In his tweet, he listed information for the console sales for the month of September. Additionally, it mentions that despite each console selling a lot, Xbox specifically saw a huge leap in sales.

The PlayStation soars higher than ever among the three most notable consoles, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. Despite Xbox’s strong fight, the PlayStation seemed to have gained more sales than its competitor.

Earlier I mentioned that this was surprising but also expected. This is because, over the last month, we saw that Xbox completely dominated the gaming industry’s home in Japan. Seeing it secure the second position in UK sales is therefore surprising.

However, it is expected because that is what PlayStation does. Each time it releases a new console, it is almost a given that it will be number one in console sales based on the company’s history with the PS4 and PS3.

The Gist of it All

Sony’s PlayStation 5 dominates the console war in the UK by securing first place.

Despite PS 5 decimating the charts, the Xbox series S/X also showed a tremendous increase in sales.

Impact of Future Titles

If you are an avid fan of either Xbox or PS, you may already know about the new titles that are dropping in the near future. Xbox is releasing many new titles in the coming days, among which are Gotham Knights, Starfield, Outcast 2, and so on. 

These are very anticipated titles and may increase the sales of the Xbox series S/X over the course of the coming months. Another huge part of this equation is whether Microsoft managed to buy Activision or not.

If Activision is acquired, it will likely mean that Xbox will be releasing a lot more exclusive content. This can potentially mean CoD-only PC gamers may also be migrating over to the Xbox market.

However, PS is not completely unarmed in this console war. With titles like Marvel’s Spiderman 2 and, the more notable, God of War Ragnarok, PS may stick to its throne tightly. A NeoGaf thread reply by Tiago Rodrigues does raise an important point as to which console may win the next sale war.

NeoGaf post on PS
NeoGaf Thread Reply

Nintendo may also take the throne simply because of the internet. Super Mario Bros. movie is also coming soon, so you never know how crazy the fans may get and buy off the entire Nintendo Switch stock.

Ending Note

At the end of the day, you are free to use whichever console you love. This is just a huge war between conglomerates which only affects how much the price changes will be in the future.

All in all, I do hope that it works out best subjectively for each of them. However, let’s see what the remaining 2022 has in store for us. As always, feel free to add to the conversation in the comments below. Take care.

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