Sniper Elite Developer Working on an Unannounced AAA Sports IP

It will likely be their first sports IP in a long time.

The sports genre in gaming is vast and continues to grow thanks to major developers like EA Sports. There are even times when unusual studios try their hands on the sports genre, and the result can be interesting. Our team at TopTierList found an exciting LinkedIn job listing that reveals Sniper Elite developer, Rebellion Developments, has an unannounced sports IP in the works.

The job listing for an Experienced Game Designer comes with little information, but after deep analysis, we believe it to be a AAA sports title, which hasn’t been announced yet. We find this exciting because Rebellion Developments is not popular for sports games.

The studio is much more popular for the Sniper Elite series and its other titles in similar genres. So, this can be an interesting combination, but considering the job listing, it will likely take a long time before they announce it.

Rebellion Upcoming Game
Job Listing for Experienced Game Designer.

Major Points

  • Rebellion Developments is working on an unannounced AAA sports IP.
  • They have made several job listings in the past week, showing these games are likely in an early stage.
  • Some other listings reveal this may not be the only unannounced project they are working on.

Rebellion Developments has a notable portfolio of exciting games, and though there are hardly any sports titles, their upcoming IP might change that. According to the job listing for an Experienced Game Designer, Rebellion Developments is working on “genre-defining AAA IPs,” one of which will be the unannounced sports game.

Sniper Elite Sports Game
Description of the Job.

Though there aren’t many other details disclosed in the post, we can assume the game is in early development from their statement, “This role would suit an experienced Designer who has worked on at least one game for the full development cycle, looking to bring their skills to a brand-new, unannounced IP.” 

Not to mention, they have made several other job listings in the past week, some of which reveal that they have other exciting projects as well. It is possible the first listing is for the sports IP exclusively, while others are more long-term.

Every studio has some unannounced titles or concepts that they work on, but this is special because after reading the listing, this seems like a passionate project. It will be their first sports IP in a while, and if the game is still in early development, the reveal will also take its sweet time.

Other exciting details reveal that this might be made on the Unreal engine, as mentioned in the requirements, “High-level knowledge of professional game engines. Knowledge of Unreal Engine would be advantageous.

Rebellion Games Job Listing
Requirements in the Job Listing.

Rebellion Developments has a history of successful action games revolving around the military or zombie theme. Their venture in the sports genre can result in some innovative concepts, and since the studio is experienced, we believe it will be something to look forward to.

That is all our keen eyes at TopTierList could find! What do you think this new sports game will be like? Do you think the studio will be successful in this genre as they have been in others? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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