Release Date of a New Version of Xbox Game Pass Leaked

In recent weeks there have been speculations of an Xbox game pass family plan being released, what this means is you would be able to pay a subscription fee to get a game pass for multiple accounts in your family, kind of like Netflix where you can pay a fee to be able to have multiple sub-accounts under one main account, this means Xbox will further undercut their already very reasonably priced subscription.

The VP of StarDock software Brad Sams in a YouTube video responded to a question by a viewer asking when we can expect the family plan to release, he stated the release is expected around fall this year close to the holiday time.

Brad Sams’s exact statement was:

Question: What is the time frame when we’re gonna hear about the Family Game Pass?

Answer: The family party plan, last i heard was targetted for a Fall release around the Holiday time this year,keep in mind lots of things change,lots of thing are moving timelines, that was the inital timeline

Xbox Game Pass Family Subscription
Monthly prices for all 3 current versions of the game pass

However, it is great to know you’ll be able to pay a lower price for the subscription per person if you subscribe in a group which could be your family or theoretically your friends too.

Microsoft seems to take a great deal of interest in their game pass since they’re adding many games monthly to the game pass, including many games that are added on release and are AAA titles including Forza Horizon 5 and Halo infinite which were some of the most popular Xbox games this year.

Many wondered what Sony’s response to the game pass would be and it was unveiled last month in the form of a multi-tier subscription of Sony’s PlayStation plus merged with PS Now. The subscription has an official launch month of June 2022 and will launch in 3 tiers.

The tiers are Essential, Extra, and Premium with the 1 monthly subscription costing 9.99$,14.99$, and 18.99$ respectively while the yearly subscription will cost 59.99$, 99.99$, and 119.99$ respectively. This announcement also meant Sony has removed the standalone PS Now subscription leaving it fully integrated into PS Plus.

New PlayStation Plus
PlayStation Plus prices and features for all upcoming tiers

To many gamers, the 10$ a month for the standard game pass and 15$ a month for the game pass ultimate which also includes Xbox Live is much more attractive of an offer than paying 60$ for a game that you may end up not liking while with the game pass you can instead shuffle between hundreds of great titles every time you get tired of the previous one. After all, you can’t really sell your digital copies of games so they’re instead left collecting digital dust in your game library.