The Resident Evil Franchise is Losing its Charm?

Resident Evil is one of the most famous AAA titles currently in the gaming world. It is a game that’s been adopted by many well-known publishers like Capcom, Sega, Ubisoft, and Nintendo. However, it seems like they did not do justice to the hype built around it.

This franchise has had a lot of time and money put behind its development. That’s pretty obvious because this franchise has a collection of 13 games, all with different stories.  Additionally, this entire universe of the supernatural has seen about 12 movies and shows dedicated to its titles.

Despite having all of that, it seemingly has failed to be as great as it should have been, according to some of its audience. Its shows have seen near horrible reviews. Furthermore, Its Netflix series got an overwhelmingly horrible review, 4/10 on IMDB.

But, the topic here is not the shows but the games. Let’s see why this game fell off this hard, as the above paragraphs describe.

Resident Evil’s Demise

All the claims have been quite bold, so it’s time I back them up with some evidence as well. A thread made by Oscarzx n on Resetera posed a question to many gamers about which game they thought did not live up to the expectation built around it and its release.

Resetera resident evil post
Resetera Post

If you peruse around many of the comments that the post has received over the past few days, you’ll see that it is mostly the Resident Evil series. The players have continuously posted how disappointed they felt about its many titles and remakes based on how hyped it was.

There are some other titles that have quite a high frequency in the replies, like “The Evil Within” and Metal Gear, but none of them come close to the numbers Resident Evil got. One of the replies by Ashes of Dreams highlights the summary of the situation pretty well.

RE Reset Era Reply post
Resetera Thread Reply

The Gist of it All

  • The Resident Evil franchise quickly gets boring after the few starting scenes.
  • Players don’t think that it was nearly as good as the hype built it out to be.

Why Resident Evil?

This is a question that many of you may have already thought about. For this section, I will be using the image linked above to assume the answer to that question. As a player, I do agree with a lot of the criticism listed in the thread.

Firstly, Resident Evil always has a lot of hype built around its every title. Even the demos they release are very hot topics for quite some time after their release. But, it seems like the demos are all that the players really need to play.

Resident Evil has very good initial scenes and builds up very well compared to other story games. However, after those first few scenes, it quickly falls off from being a fun game into a significantly less exciting environment, and that’s something no gamer ever loves.

Nonetheless, it is a great game franchise but fails to be consistent throughout its story.