Nick Apostolides’ Hidden Cameo in the Dead Space Remake

Leon's Motion Capture and Voice Actor from RE2 stars in the upcoming Dead Space Remake

The spine-chilling adventure Dead Space Remake has a treat for the survival horror games fan. The famous actor Nick Apostolides is part of the Dead Space game. Our team at TopTierList found out about this via a recent tweet from @TheSphereHunter. She talked about how Nick was part of the game and made a cameo appearance via the motion capture for Isaac in the game for about 40 seconds.

The Main Points

  • Nick Apostolides made a cameo appearance in Dead Space Remake via motion capture for Isaac.
  • The scene was amazing but raised the question of why it wasn’t implemented throughout the game.
  • Nick’s cameo is significant for hardcore gamers, as he will also be part of Resident Evil 4’s Remake.
  • Both remakes of Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 coming out close to each other is a treat for survival horror game fans.

If you have ever wondered how the Resident Evil franchise will look in space, then you might be wondering only, and we see no evidence so far of it ever happening. But the cameo appearance of nick surely triggered our curiosity at TopTierList and fans under the tweet.

Under the tweet, a user replied and showed his disappointment over how this motion capture could have been done in other parts of the game. The scene was amazing, and the viewers will love it, but it also raises the question of why it was not done throughout the game. Isaac was now capable of speech, and his expression and movement felt more real, but as earlier stated, it was not implemented in the whole game. For example, when Chen dies, Issac can be heard screaming, but there are no physical movements to show his true emotions in full flow.

It was as if he was strolling around, and his body language was lacking. Such a scene could have been done better, we are not complaining much, but this is constructive criticism. The lack of impact here disappointed us; a stronger connection could have been made between the gamers and Isaac.

Dead Space is a game often considered to have inspired Resident Evil. The Resident Evil series might be the biggest gaming franchise in the survival horror genre, and the pioneers of this genre, if not the pioneers, then maybe the biggest impact creators. The Dead Space game has many elements similar to the Resident Evil games; for example, the puzzle-solving, survival elements, resource management, and theme are the same. Both science-fiction elements exist, and a horde of scary creatures attack you.

Nick’s Cameo might not seem big to people new to gaming or who do not take an interest in gaming on a deeper level, but this cameo might be a great thing for hardcore gamers. In almost a month or so, the remake of Resident Evil 4 will drop, a game very similar to Dead Space and an inspiration for the creators of Dead Space. Nick will be part of that game, the voice actor, and the motion capture actor for the game. 

Nick’s Cameo in Dead Space, Nick reprising his role as Leon in Resident Evil 4’s Remake, and both the remakes of one of the greatest horror survival games coming out within the same year and so close to each other surely treat for the fans of this genre. Do let us know what you think about this because we are very excited and can’t wait to see Nick Reprise his role in Resident Evil 4.

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