The Classic Revival of Ishita Coming to Switch/PS4 on Sept 22nd

September has been a vital month in 2022 when it comes to Video Games. It has been packed full of news surrounding almost every genre of gaming you can think of. However, one of the topics it failed to deliver on is classic arcade games. Luckily, that is what we are taking a look at today.

The game we are going to talk about today may be a massive nostalgic hit if you are a gamer from the late 80s. The game in the spotlight for this article is “Resurrection of Ishtar.” This was one of the most popular RPG games of its era, and it’s coming back. Before we dive further into that, let’s have a look at what you’ll find in this composition.

The Big News

If you are not familiar with this franchise, don’t worry; I’ll bring you up to speed. The Resurrection of Ishtar is an old classical arcade RPG game developed by Bandai Namco in 1986. The plot was great for its time. In the game you had to escape a dungeon crawling with monsters using Kai and Gil even though no one knew where the exit was.

Onward to the main news. We at managed to snipe out a report on Famitsu that quoted the release date of the “Ressurection of Arcade Archives” for PS4 and the Switch. This is massive news if you’re an OG gamer from the old arcade times.

Famitsu Arcade Archives Report
Famitsu Report

This release is just one of the planned “Resurrections” of old arcade titles. More titles will be coming soon via the Arcade Archiver Program. The game itself, though, is a great title for its time as it was one of the first games in the escape the dungeon genre. Now, let’s talk a little about what the Arcade Archives program is.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn more about the Ressurection of Ishtar titles.
  • Explore what the Arcade Archive is.
  • Get to know about the Arcade Archiver Program.

Ressurection of Ishtar: Arcade Archives Program

For this section, it is necessary that you know a little about what the arcade archives are. Arcade Archives is a collection of very old video game emulations from the 80s and 90s that most of us might not even remember anymore.

Furthermore, it provides emulated games for almost every platform. An estimated 224 games are currently a part of the Arcade archives, which is a massive number of games from that era. Now, knowing what the Arcade Archives are, let’s talk about the Arcade Archiver Program.

Arcade Archiver is a program that features the development as well as the content of very old arcade games on the live stream with the developers themselves. These are soon followed by the game release on the platforms as well. Reportedly, they will be distributed live every single week.

Arcade Archiver Program
Famitsu “Arcade Archiver Program” Report

As Famitsu already reported, the live stream for “Ressurection of Ishtar” will be broadcasted on the 22nd. Additionally, the scheduled developers that will appear on the broadcast are Satoshi Naito, Junko Ozawa, and Yuichiro Shinozaki. You can catch the live stream on youtube on the official HAMSTER Corporation youtube channel.