Twitch Streamer Breaks Record for Beating Malenia With No Hands

Elden Ring is one of those games that can make you throw your keyboard off the roof or even punch a hole in your monitor. Categorized as extremely difficult, these games have a knack for driving people clinically insane.

Elden Ring, Dark Souls, all of these types of games in the genre of Dungeon Crawl, are quite appealing to online content creators. They offer great viewership quality because these games will get a lot of reactions out of you. Therefore, these games attract a lot of new viewers and keep them engaged.

Apart from all of that, the difficulty is another quite noteworthy thing. Difficult games make you rage, and we love to see that. Not every content creator rages but seeing someone falling to the start of the game in “Get Over It” is hilarious.

The Oral Assasin

On Twitch, a content creator goes by the game of RockyNoHands. As the title suggests, he only uses his mouth to play games. We recently found a clip of him in which he defeated one of the hardest bosses in Elding Ring, Malenia.

The content creator beat this demonic monstrosity in just forty attempts. This is a very small number considering that some of the normal players had to try about a hundred times. He ended the kill with a very cool dance move and did confirm that there is more to see in the future.

Rocky is a content creator for Lumisoty Gaming and has several great personal bests. He has defeated many extremely hard games using his mouth in the past. Additionally, Rocky has several great speed runs of games like Sureku and Bfod. If that wasn’t all, he also owns three Guinness World records in gaming.

The Gist of it All

  • RockyNoHands beat the Elden Ring boss Malenia using just his mouth to control his character.
  • It took him about 40 tries to do so.
  • He is an exceptional gamer with several Guinness World Records in the gaming field.

Players Reaction

As you would imagine, this sparked a great response from his audience. Despite not giving that big of a reaction and just emoting his victory over the monstrous boss, his chat was ecstatic to have viewed it.

Many of his previous endeavors, like playing Warzone and beating Elden Ring for the first time, had unparalleled curiosity in pursuing his channel. He is one of the best gamers on this planet, and I think you will all agree with me here.

Rocky has not let his unfortunate restrictions stop him from enjoying the fun of gaming non-stop. Another major part of the player’s reactions that he gets is actually in the form of inspiration. Many gamers in a similar condition love viewing him because of how inspiring he can be for them.

Ending Note

Gamers, that’s all for now. I suggest you go and view Rocky’s Twitch channel and see all the crazy talent this guy has. Despite having all the tools, some of us can only hope to be as good as him in some of the games he has mastered. 

Lastly, if you wish to add anything here, please let me know in the comments below. GG Rocky, GG.

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