Xbox Exclusive Rogue Legacy 2 Reviews Are Out

Rogue Legacy 2 is one of the most talked-about games with roguelike and Metroidvania elements. Here, a player takes control of the knight whose duty is to explore the dungeons generated, beat the powerful foes, and collect treasures within. Unlike the first part, Rogue Legacy 2 is considered even more difficult due to the variety, e.g., every hero class has its own weapon, so you must master them individually rather than shifting skills from one to another. Simple additions like these make the game more challenging for every new and old fan of the game.

Just in the first week of April, it was announced that Rogue Legacy 2 V1.0 will come out as an Xbox Exclusive later this month. We finally have it now, and the reviews on both opencritic and metacritic seem very promising.

Rogue Legacy 2 Game
Rogue Legacy 2 Reviews on Opencritic
Rogue Legacy 2 metacritic reviews
Reviews on Metacritic

|  Eurogamer ‘Recommended’

|  Destructoid 9.5/10

|  The Gamer 4.5/5

|  GameSpot 9/10

|  IGN 9 Hobby/10

|  Consolas 90/100

|  Shacknews 9/10

|  GameSpew 8/10

|  GameGrin 10/10

These are just some of the reviews, and within a week, we will definitely see more people taking their opinion on the game.

What does this mean for the game? Well if the game is doing so great on that platform, it will help the game reach a bigger and wider audience, and get fresh recognition.

There were a lot of people who seemed negative regarding the release and thought it wouldn’t do great, but the reviews have changed their minds. Eventually, more people will play the game, and they should as it is amazing, challenging yet equally adventurous game.

You can review the game by watching the gameplay from IGN and GamerBraves and maybe share your opinion with us. If you have any further questions, please let us know!