Saints Row 2022 Campaign Introduction Scene Leaked

Saints Row is an action-adventure video game coming on the 22nd of August, 2022. It is developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. Saints Row 2022 is a reboot of the original series, and as a result, the fans have some mixed feelings about the game.

These feelings were eliminated once the trailer came out because it actually showed a new aspect of the game and might just be the nostalgic game we all need. Besides, not much has been given about the gameplay or story itself because a reboot means we might see some significant changes to the story or characters themselves.

The game is set in Santa Ileso, a fictional city based in Southwest America. The city is under the control of three criminal gangs; Marshal Defense Industries, a private military organization with access to high-tech weaponry; The Idols, an anarchist gang that is all about nightlife and clubs; Los Panteros, an average gritty vehicle and the fitness-oriented gang.

The trailer did not show how the introduction scene of the game will develop or how we will basically “delve into” the game’s world itself. Luckily, we just got our hands on this leaked campaign introduction scene, which has re-ignited the gamers’ mixed feelings.

Rebs Gaming posted the leaked scene with no audio. He is a well-known leaker in the community who has posted many leaks regarding upcoming games, some of which have already been confirmed. So, the likelihood of this being legit is also very high.

Although it is hard to understand what’s happening without any audio, we can guess that it shows the city’s nightlife and some gang members interacting with the character. Moreover, the controversial reactions have been given on how the game looks different than the series, with the majority preferring the original over this.

We understand the game has many concerning aspects, but we might be surprised once we play the actual game itself. If not, the game will indeed become a flop right after its release, but it’s still too early to say that.

The reboot is going to be a hit or miss for the community, and while the trailer, along with the leak, has ignited some criticism, they have also been praised by many, so all we can do now is wait for the release, and hope for the best enjoyment from the game.

That’s all for today; if you have any questions or speculations regarding the scene, please let us know below!