Canceled Scarface 2 Gameplay Has Been Leaked

Scarface 2 was a game under development by Radical Entertainment but was later canceled due to some issues. But recently, we managed to get hold of this leak showing the game’s gameplay, and it looks pretty awesome.

Scarface 2 has been one of those games that not many people know about currently, and those who do are upset over its cancellation. The game kicked the bucket around 2009, and since then, no reason for the cancellation has been given.

Although it was already considered a weird choice to make a game for an old film, the main reason could have been the lack of player base from which the first game suffered. Whatever the reason, it was a loss for the gaming community because we could have had an old gem to go back to now and then.

Just recently, gameplay for the canceled game was revealed by Mafia Game Videos, and to clear it up; the channel is not affiliated with the developer company. However, the channel seems to have a lot of content regarding unreleased things, indicating their sources on mafia games. In the past, they also leaked a video showing the concept art for the same game.

Regardless, the game looks fantastic for the time, and considering how it was trashed; it could have seen a lot more improvements before release. So, it is a fact that we lost a gem, and it could have even impacted the future of mafia games.

From the gameplay itself, we can see that they introduced some great mechanics, which could have been polished and maybe even turned into a dedicated Scarface series. We do not have enough mafia games, and this game’s cancellation may have slightly contributed to that.

If we consider that the game did manage to release back then, what do you think would have changed, and would it have revolutionized mafia games. Moreover, what are your thoughts on the gameplay itself? Please let us know down below!