First Look at the Leaked Model of Scorn’s Main Character

Scorn is an upcoming FPS survival game on its way to being one of the best horror adventure video games coming this October. It was announced in the recent Xbox & Bethesda Showcase and took the fans by storm. Serbian developer Ebb Software from Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X/S develops it.

The game was inspired by the works of H.R.Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński; and depicts the perfect combination of Giger’s biomechanical aspect, along with Zdzisław’s Baroque or a Gothic vibe. When a studio puts in that much work, you just know how awesome it will be.

In the game, you control a skinless humanoid lost on this nightmarish planet with odd alien creatures that possess techno-organic structures made up of bio-material and steel. The player is free to explore different interconnected regions in a non-linear fashion, hoping to discover the mysteries of this game’s cursed world.

The game was one of the main highlights as the “grossest”, which was not an insult; many of us love playing games like that. The trailer was announced during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, which was everything we had hoped for.

Bio-mechanical world, with weapons that you can’t decide whether they are even weapons or a creature in itself. You don’t know what the character itself looks like, but you might be able to see him in some cutscenes.

However, worry not, because we got some leaked images of what the main character looks like, and let’s just say he looks more like a villain than the protagonist.

Scorn Protagonist
Front Look of Main Character.

This image shows a more frontal angle of the character, and while it is not colorized as how it will be in the game, you can see the details more clearly, and expect how the in-game lighting will change the color of skin as intended.

Scorn Main Character
Full Body Model of Main Character.

This image shows a more full-body angle, and you can see the details of his body-armor thing, or maybe that’s just his skeleton. Regardless, the “creature” is drawn perfectly and definitely matches the game’s world aesthetics.

Main Character Scorn
Full body Model v2 of Main Character.

This image is more accurate to the color we will be seeing on the main character because you can’t expect a white creature running around in a bio-mechanical world. The coloring shows a more “meaty” look, and his flesh stands out as being more familiar to the world inside that game.

POV of Main Character.

It might be the most crucial picture, as it shows the main character’s POV, and this might be the only thing we see within the game; the face will be shown only during some cutscenes or in reflections, but that’s just speculation.

These images definitely carry their worth, and while these are not finalized pictures, they are the earliest prototypes of the final version. The final product will be very similar to this, and since it already looks fantastic, it might not receive as many changes as we think.

That’s it from us. If you have any further questions on these models, let us know below, and we will get back to you!