Silent Hill Leaks Get Further Confirmation After DMCA Claim

Silent Hill is a horror video game franchise, developed and published by Konami Digital Entertainment. They initially had four games which were developed by the internal group Team Silent, however, the other games were then made by some Western Developers. The franchise has seen vast success as it not only includes these games, but also some prints, spin-offs, and even film series. They have sold well over 8.4 million copies as of 2013.

Silent Hill is set in a fictional American Town and adopts a very psychological horror genre. The one thing that makes Silent Hill stand out among the horror games is its creepy atmosphere, the fog always engulfing the town that not only blocks some of your vision but also makes you focus on things individually, rather than grasping everything at once. This allows you to notice some new details even when you have played the game more than once.

Twitter User Dusk Golem shared some leaks along with pictures that quickly shook the Silent Hill fanbase, and while some people doubted the credibility, Konami went and copyright claimed the pictures, almost getting him banned, which does not seem like a good move, as it somewhat confirms the leaks. You can see that the pictures were taken down, which Dusk Golem had to do for avoiding the ban. The captions are still there, and you can find the pictures on Imgur 1,2,3,4,5.

Dusk Golem further talked about the DMCA Claim, and where it came from on a forum, and even posted a screenshot on Twitter.

Dusk Golem is a notable leaker in the Twitter Community and therefore it was easy for people to get the hint of this. He has made many leaks in the past, most of which have been confirmed, or are pending and waiting to be confirmed for the future. Still, we can not say who is in the right here in the situation, but it definitely was not a good move on Konami’s side as this put them in the spotlight.

They could have simply ignored it, as there are hundreds of leaks made every week, and it would have stopped getting recognition after a while, but this just made it a trending topic. Silent Hill has been rumored to be in production for a long time, and maybe with this, we can finally see Konami shed some light on this and confirm it in near future.

Other than that, all we can do is wait and watch what happens next, so until then, do let us know what you think of this!