A Leak Suggests That Six Days in Fallujah to Be Delayed to 2023

Six Days in Fallujah is an upcoming shooter game developed by Highwire Games Studio and slatted to be published by Victoria. The storyline follows along the sequence of events in the US. Marines from the 3rd Battalion serving active duty in the Second Battle of Fallujah.

With the release of a wide array of games ranging from FPS to open world titles on the horizon, one game that has been in the pipeline for a while has been Six Days in Fallujah. Based on a true story, the game promises to deliver an experience contrasting from that on offer by games in a similar genre.

6 Days in Fallujah development update
6 Days in Fallujah gameplay

What has taken so long?

Plagued by politics and the tussles within the studio’s management, the game has seen its fair share of delays, with the suspected release window being by the end of this year. The game’s choice to base its narrative around what looks to be the documentation of part of the Iraq War further adds to the loopholes the studio must hurdle over to ensure the release isn’t disputed.

It appears that the idea of basing the story on a particular operation in a war has been appealing. Rival studio Activision is reportedly considering setting the stage for their next Call of Duty game in Iraq, focusing on a specific operations-driven story mode.

Much Needed Details

A leak spotted by TopTierList thanks to renowned industry insider ‘TheRealInsider‘ on Twitter has ended the drought on information surrounding the game. The game, originally slated for a late 2022 release, will be delayed to an unknown date in 2023.


The technicalities behind the delay remain unknown. What is known, however, is that the game needs polishing and will likely spend extended time in development before a public release. The decision seems wise considering examples of well-anticipated games falling short of their promises due to rushed development to meet the release target.

An example is Battlefield 2042, a game that amassed monumental hype right up to launch day when everything seemed to have fallen through. The delay can also mean that with incremental details being released in due time, the developers have time to add and subtract contents in the game to better suit the public demand.

Winning Formula?

In a time when FPS games feel clinical and homogenized, the decision for Highwire Games to set themselves apart with this release feels like the recipe for a successful title. Do you think the studio has what it takes to pull this off successfully? Would you like to see more FPS games centered around historical events? Let us know in the comments down below.

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